Monday, September 20, 2010

2010-2011 Scholarship Winners

It's been a busy six months (!) since I last wrote here. Apologies for dropping off... it's certainly not that I don't think about Dan, cancer or the Foundation every day, but it's been awhile since I've even had the urge to write. Just wanted to update everyone on some important NCCF happenings.

We had a very successfull scholarship program this year! NCCF received over 175 applications, and we awarded 12 scholarships! It really does get harder every year to choose among the many qualified applicants. Special thanks goes to the over 60+ people who helped read all the applications. We will be posting writeups on our website soon, but here is a list of our winners...

Ryan Berardi
Lisa Berman
Erica Bury
Shilham Colegial
Laura Duran
Hans Fernandez
James Fowkes
Michael Holderman
Rachel Lozano
Sally Newton
Mario Terrell
Jessica Weller

One of the reasons I choose to continue to be so involved in NCCF is that I really like the fact we know exactly where the money we raise goes to... we know each of the 50(!) people who have been awarded scholarships in the past 5 years. When the admin gets a little tiresome, I can always pull out a scholarship application and re-read it. There are so few organizations that actually give out money to individuals. So it's nice to know who we are really helping.


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SO thankful!!

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Sending you fan love! Great blog, thanks for sharing! Visit my blog if you get a chance!