Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Over 100 Billion hamburgers served...

As I’ve said before, the week following chemotherapy I struggle to put down enough calories even with the Jack LaLanne juicer or ordering “The Hulk” at the Smoothie King. Nothing looks appealing, not even some of my healthy favorites. So when you have a green light in life to eat anything you want, you might as well take advantage of it.

Over the past week, I’ve stopped by McDonald’s twice for dinner. Both times, I ordered my favorite, Value Meal #1 - the Big Mac. What is it that makes the Big Mac so special? Is it the sauce? Does the cool song bring you in?

"Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun…."

Is there even another burger in the “fast food” community that can even compete? Some people like their coffee and others their fries, but for me going to McDonald’s it is all about the Big Mac.

Going 2x in a week is probably enough to satisfy my fast food cravings for a year, but I’m a huge fan, especially of the sauce, and what better way to scarf down probably more than double my calorie count for the day. The thing that strikes me the most about McDonald’s, however, is the smell. It is just unmistakable. The overriding stench seems to last forever too, following you wherever you go. Which reminds me, I need to go take out the trash….


Surviving daily said...

Dan, when I was in chemo and needed to work to keep my weight up, I gleefully used half & half instead of skim milk on my cereal in the mornings. I can readily identify with your feelings about a Big Mac just now. It is one of those weird dark humor moments of the absurd that cancer survivors encounter on a daily basis. I imagine you had a big grin the whole time you were eating them!

Meg Rodgers said...

Two Words

Five Guys

Quit being stubborn and just try it

Anonymous said...

Dan - your post made me fondly remember my days as a drive thru girl at McDonalds. That smell will live with me forever!

Hope to see you soon!

Julie LaMotte

Anonymous said...


I have alwaya contended that Big Macs are good, and good for you (in moderation). McDonalds is one of America's great success stories -- an affordable meal that creates entry level jobs (and exit level ones for old guys like me) at home and exports to balance the huge US trade deficit.

Enjoy Macs without any qualm of conscience -- I do!


Allen Ross said...

I like Big Macs too, but a Double Double from In-and-Out Burger is the best! That and one of their chocolate shakes. Not sure if they have them on the East Coast (I live in CA). Fries from McD's are still the best though. BTW...have you tried Ensure? Each has about 350 calories. Chocolate is the best.

bob said...


we must be BROTHERS! I Love BigMacs's too! it is the sauce that really does it for me. Ironically, we now have a promotion for 2 BigMacs for $3 bucks right now. (i am trying very hard to stay away).
In-N-Out is a close second, however, I do love the BigMac.