Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One Day at a Time

On the plus side- Dan's stitches appear to be healing. After a near-breaking point incident last Saturday and the trip to emergency room, we are happy to say that we haven't had any more problems with the drain- not even one little leak. It's like the great powers above knew it was time for the drain issues to cease. Dan is scheduled to have the stitches removed next week. For the most part, it has become part of the routine.

On the downside, Dan is feeling more run down and short of breath... new issues to deal with, and ones that are a real challenge. He started with the full dose of the new chemo pill last night, and hopefully it will kick in and beat back these symptoms.

Thanks for all your cards, emails & posts. They give us a great boost. It can be tough to get back to everyone, as we're very focused on getting through the days. But know we read & re-read them all. We're getting the hang of coordinating rides for Dan and balancing my work schedule, but it's still not easy. Although it's a little easier now that Idol is down to the Round of 36, Tiger is back (and on live TV on a Wednsesday), and even Phil managed not to choke!

Dan's sister Cindy is visiting from Hawaii this week, and it's great to have her & little Caroline visiting with Dan during the days. We're getting our families together this weekend, which will be nice for everyone. Plus we get to meet Dan's dad's new puppy!

So just pray that things get better- one day at a time.


Anonymous said...

Dan and Meg,
We are both so glad to hear the stitches are healing and Dan is doing well in that area. You're both in our thoughts and prayers and I hope that this weekend brings you both much joy and happiness. We wish you both the best! Golf season is right around the corner :)
The Geraci's

Diane said...

Hi Dan,

Hang in there !!! You are always in my thoughts and, especially, in Scott's. Meg, you are Dan's angel. Please stay strong and keep that patience up. I know how hard that is sometimes.

Love to you both,
Diane and Scott

Kalisa Owens said...

We continue to pray for one small victory at a time!! Praise the Lord the stitches are healing. We will pray that the chemo goes where it needs to to fight the cancer. Enjoy Idol - we don't join until 12!! But we are addicted to BL (Biggest Loser) changing lives one pound at a time :)

We are sending all our love and strength and healing energies to Dan.


ash said...

We want to send you our love, we're thinking about you everyday. We've been reading your blog and are so happy the drain has stopped giving you such problems.

So much love to you,

Ashley & Dani

Anonymous said...

Waegs - since you watched the golf I am sure you saw the new NIKE commericial where it shows all the players partying because Tiger is gone, then he comes back and they get depressed. I think its a classic.

Keep on keepin' on bud.



Anonymous said...

Meg and Dan, I'm happy to hear that things are improving with the drain and I really hope that every day starts getting a little bit better for you guys! March is almost here and I have to hope that St Patricks Day month will bring you good news and be a turnaroud month for you guys! And I have to agree that it was so fun to see Phil win last weekend! Thinking of you always and praying for you!! Love Katie

Anonymous said...

If you EVER need rides, I'm close by—just call me up!


Anonymous said...

You guys are amazing! Please know that everyone at the LAF is sending lots of love and good thoughts your way. You have quite a fan club over here.


NitneeLion said...

Dan & Meg: You are added to our list of reasons why we raise money for LAF. You will be in our constant prayers and thoughts. StaySTRONG, LiveSTRONG. Jim & Pam Fortney

Lisa Auslander said...

Family, Idol and new puppies??? so much to be excited for! We're all praying for this new chemo to work and to not be too hard on Dan. You've been through a lot, buddy. You are so strong and inspirational!

hughesd2000 said...

Have a great weekend with your families! Thinking of you always and sending prayers your way. Hang in There and take it "one day at a time".


Bronnie said...

Lance Armstrong twittered about your blog, so I came by for a visit. Wishing you BOTH all the best as you travel on this journey together.
Sending wonderful vibes your way.
Bron x

Richard Beene said...

I don't know you guys and only know of your plight via Lance's Twitters, but know you are in my thoughts. All positive thoughts your way, every day, every second. Every day. Live strong!

Brooke said...

Hey Dan and Meg!
Just stopping by to catch up on all the reading, and to avoid the on-going octuplet story that is constantly on TV! I'm glad that things are on the up and up. Stay strong, as you always do!

Howard Solomon said...

I too found this blog via Lance's twitter. I too am a survivor. Don't know you guys but you can bet I'm praying for you. I'm sure there ar emany others out there doing the same.

Kris Lowther said...

Hope you guys have a restful and relaxing weekend...much deserved after the week you've had!

Peace and Love,

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan and Meghan!
I am regularly amazed by your strength! I'm so glad the stitches are healing up, Dan. It sounds like they were a real source of frustration! My thoughts and prayers are with you both every day. Stay strong!

Erin Cullison

Anonymous said...

Dan and Meg,
We think of you every day and Pray, Pray, Pray. This pill is gonna do the job. Keep up your marvelous spirits. You are both a wonder.
All our Love,
Aunt Kitty and Bill

Anonymous said...


I don't know if you remember me, but I gave you and your family a tour of McDaniel when you were looking at the school. I remember we had such a great time and I told you my dark secret...I grew up in Perry County, PA!! Obviously, you became one of our beloved tourguides!!!! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers...stay strong. As if you didn't already know this...Meg is a keeper!

Heidi Snyder Reigel

Theresa Cullen Hill said...

Hi Dan and Meg,
We hope the family get together went well. We are thinking of you. We are here if you need anything.
Theresa, Marcus, Tommy and Eloise