Thursday, February 26, 2009


We try to keep up with the Livestrong Twitters as much as possible- both Doug Ulman's & Lance Armstrong's (Hey Devon- Dan wants to know where yours is!). I think it's pretty cool/amazing/spot on that Lance completes his rides, and then goes straight to advocating and meeting with cancer survivors.

Thanks to the Twitter faithful who let us know that Dan got a shout out on Lance's Twitter tonight. It was getting kinda heavy in here, and it was good to see the message

Go Dan Go!! http://waegerwillwin.blogsp.... You are in our thoughts and prayers! from web


Anonymous said...

You and I may be two of the few who watch the Accenture MP this weekend now that tigger's gone. I hope you start to feel better and get the strength to swing the sticks. Start slow, a little mini golf is a good diversion to a bad day - just ask my 4 year old son! Keep fighting - we're pulling for ya'!

monster said...

I love the twitter (Meg, thanks for pointing it out!) -- you are next to Tony Hawk on Lance's comments -- FUN!
We're behind you!

hughesd2000 said...

Nice! Totally have no idea what Twitter is! Hey Tigers out??? The things I learn from your blog!! Have a great weekend! Go Dan Go!

Dana and the Haxton clan

Bil Cullen said...

I've been following your blog and LA on Twitter, very cool to see the two intersect this morning. Love the "Giving Tree," one of our favorite children books. Especially love the Diet Coke covered coins. You're always in our thoughts and prayers.

Bil (Meg's cousin)

Anne Willis said...

Dan - between you constantly talking about Twitter and Michael's insistence on following Lance and Doug, I broke down and joined a few weeks ago. But I never remember to Tweet. or Twit. or whatever. At least Barack Obama follows me...


erika said...

Lance Armstong!!?? That is rad.

Puppies are the best medicine. Have a wonderful weekend with the families.


Patrice said...

Very cool--I never knew about Twitter.

Dan & Meg--WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH and think of you every minute!

Michael Bergin said...

Dan and Meg -

I loved the Twitter posts from Doug and Lance. As Anne Willis' notes in her post, I am a Twitter fan, but only after reading the WWW blog. BTW, Anne Willis' twitter page is really sad, with only 2 updates from January. She needs to get with the program!

Sending positive thoughts from CT!

Susan Silver said...

Hey Dan & Meg - Sorry I'm late to the conversation (nothing new there!) I spotted golf on TV at the gym today and thought of Dan, which is a nice change because the only thought I used to have when I saw golf on TV is how boring it is.... But like so many others, I have received from Dan the gift of looking at certain things in a new way. ;-) Hope you two are enjoying the weekend with family. Big hugs, Susan

Keaney said...

Pretty cool to get a nod from Lance Armstrong on Twitter...nice! Hoping this message finds you doin' well.

Anonymous said...

Yo Waegs,

Whats going on man? I know its been awhile, but I wanted to drop you a line and say whats up. Congrats on the engagement. Persak's been keeping me updated. Stay strong man and just know that you're in my prayers daily. Take care man.


Anonymous said...

Heyyyy buddy,

I wanted to give you a shout out and let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Keep Fightin...


Mary said...

Hey Danny,


Constant love and prayers to you and Meg. Stay strong!
Love, Mary

Katie said...

Shout out from Lance? That's awesome Danny! My prayers and love are with you and Meg everyday!


Anonymous said...

Dan -

Stunning sentiments from Lance!

Thinking and praying for you every day.
Keep up the fight!

Cheryl and Greg

JohnandLetty said...

Just a quick note from the Urban's in OH. You are in our thoughts and prayers. We'll send lots of good vibes your way. Lots of peace on the journey.

John and Letty and the kids

msvb21 said...

Its been a long time since high school so i wanted to drop you a line and say helloooo... hope you are doing good and you are in my prayers all the time!! stay strong

love, spontak

Kalisa Owens said...

We are praying hard for you and Meg! I hope that you all continue to hold onto each tight during this difficult time. You two are an incredible team. One day at a time!! One small victory at a time!! All our best!

Kalisa & Brad

Anonymous said...

Doug Ulman gave you a shout out on Facebook as well! I saw it there. I know it's been a tough few weeks - praying very hard for both of you!
Much Love,

matt kane said...

Dan - was sitting in a haircut place and saw your quote in USA Today a little bit back --- totally reminded me of what a strong movement you've started and everything you've (and meg) been doing for the cancer community.

Waeger has won, and Waeger will win - now and forever.

I bet a bunch of years ago when you were starting your non-profit you didn't think you'd be on Lance's twitter and have the impact you have had.... actually - I bet you knew all along because you're such a fighter and dedicated.

Been loving the blog all along(especially the paying in change at the towing place story) and me and everyone at the First Mile Foundation is praying for you and Meg.

I couldn't think of a better slogan ever - Waeger Will Win - and you will in every possible meaning.

Let me (and Ben) know if there's anything we or the foundation could ever do.

Matt Kane

Bridget said...

Dan & Meg,

You are both our hero & we love you so very much. Thank you for so much for giving us strength in our lives. You both are always in our thoughts and prayers every single day. Always remember....Waeger WILL win, forever. You both are strong & amazing people...we are blessed to know such extrodinary people, and are so lucky to have you in our lives:)

We miss you!!! Can't wait for our weekend;)

Bridget & Lowy

Katie Kenyon said...

You are truly inspirational! Love the twitter stuff. I was wondering what all the rage was about twitter. I'm a late bloomer and only discovered Facebook a few weeks ago (make your sister Cindy join). I just wanted to say hi and that I was thinking of you.

Katie Kenyon (Cindy's old law school roommate)

Erin said...

Thinking of you both again today...and everyday. Wishing you both peace as you face what each day brings...and hoping that you find something to laugh together about the face of it all.

Like so many others who have commented here, I feel the urge to tell you both that, in our minds and hearts, you HAVE ALREADY WON. But I'm pretty sure that you don't need our reminders; the love that you have for each other, and the impact that you've had on so many, speaks for itself.

Know that our hearts -- like those of so many others -- are with you CONSTANTLY, bearing you up.

With much love,
Erin and Brendon

Anonymous said...

Dan, I know we've been "bad" bloggers but have kept up with you by reading every entry. We want you to know that you continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. You have been our role model for years now and we are better and stronger people because of you. We wish you peace. Love, Pat & Mary Ellen Richards

Anonymous said...

Dan- Jason's biz partner Brian here...I'm thinking about you...That day I saw you at the hospital was one of the cooler experiences of my recovery. If you remember, when I came by, you had your WHOLE family sitting around you looking on lovingly. You're clearly blessed with splendid people in your inner circle. I was there alone that day and seeing you took me back to my intense time and made me remember that I too was surrounded by loving people. When things got better for me, people got on with there lives and I remember thinking "hey, I kinda liked all that attention"!. In Lance's book, a soldier writes to him and says "sometimes I feel like we're the lucky ones".

Well, I feel fortunate that you reminded me of one of the really good things that came out of my experience- the deep, eternal love of a family that cares.

Furthermore- Sharing your experience in the open honest way that you are in this blog is a blessing to all of us who benefit from your courage. Thank you for that.

Sincerely, Brian Doak

Kris Lowther said...

You guys are in my thoughts and prayers...and agreeing with what so many others have said here, you have already WON. Danny...THANK YOU for teaching me what strength is. Be strong, my friend.

Love and Peace,