Friday, March 6, 2009

Remember Me?

Wow- what a nice and loving response from so many of our extended circle! There is no easy way to deliver news like that, and it's never easy to hear. But I think we're all doing well on both sides. I hope you all feel that way, too.

One of my favorite movies is "Jerry McGuire". There is a scene where Jerry takes Dorothy (it took me 15 minutes to remember Rene Zelweger's name in that movie) to dinner and they start discussing past loves and heartbreaks- the "woe is me" exchange. And then Dorothy interrupts Jerry with the line "Jerry, let's not tell our sad stories."

It would be easy for me to go down that path right now- being sad and angered. But I need to remember our life right now before cancer became our third wheel. I am all for grieving, but not just yet.

So I thought it would be good to write about us as we are in real life. To remember and remind us we are just normal people despite such abnormal circumstances. So I borrowed the Facebook game of listing 25 Things About Me. So here is a joint post from Dan & I...

1. Dan has had 4 dogs- Snickers, Scooter, Shadow & Honey. I only had a guinea pig named Willy who, um, starved to death (it wasn’t really our fault- something was obstructing his throat).

2. Dan went to college at Western Maryland (McDaniel) & grad school at Wagner. I went to Miami (OH) and grad school at some no-name university in Cambridge. We are both extremely close to both our high school and college friends.

3. The first time we went golfing together, I hit it off the tee and right onto the green. Dan was so excited, he planted a little one on me. I think it was the first kiss. Later that day, I holed out from the bunker. My golf game has not reached those heights since.

4. Dan is the youngest of 5, and I am the youngest of 2. The rest of Dan’s siblings all own dogs and so does his dad (they all love dogs!) His immediate family is bigger, but my extended family trumps his.

5. When he was little, Dan wanted to be a taxi driver, and then a greenskeeper. I wanted to be a doctor or scientist. I even asked for & received a microscope for Christmas one year. My career in medicine didn’t make it past college chemistry.

6. Dan has a weakness for golf shirts. I have a weakness for sweaters.

7. Dan would rather be a Superbowl-winning quarterback than win the Master’s. I’d rather hit a grand slam home run in the bottom of the 9th, game seven of the World Series with the bases loaded.

8. Dan doesn’t drink coffee. I drink coffee every day, but have never made it myself. Preferred brew: hands down Dunkin Donuts.

9. Dan’s favorite meal is Grannie’s No Peak Chicken and his favorite candy is peanut butter M&M’s. But he doesn’t really like sweets. My favorite meal is just mashed potatoes and my favorite candy is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I inherited a bad sugar tooth from my mom.

10. When Dan went to my parents house to ask for permission to ask me to marry him, he described that it was completely silent after he broke the news. Until my sister-in-law said “See, I told you he wasn’t coming to ask for money”. My dad followed with “Ok Dan, let me show you where the lawnmower is.” I would have like to seen that!

11. Our go-to favorite take-out is Guapo’s (Mexican) in Bethesda. It helps that it’s right across the street. We have no problem ordering from there 3 times a week.

12. I am more reckless on a jet ski than Dan. He is a better driver- I even failed my driver's license test when I was 16.

13. For two people don’t live in Boston, we’ve been to Fenway twice together. Dan hated the Fenway Franks.

14. Our favorite TV show is “The Biggest Loser”. Dan is also very accepting of Bravo’s reality TV lineup. His favorite housewife is NeNe from Atlanta. I can’t pick a favorite. Dan also claims his favorite TV show growing up was ALF. I can’t top that one.

15. Last summer we played hooky from work and went to the waterpark all afternoon. Not only were we the oldest ones there by 10-15 years, but we were the last ones to leave at dusk.

16. We’ve both been on championship teams in the past year as part of Social Sports of Bethesda leagues. Dan- softball. Me- football. I definitely take it more seriously than Dan.

17. Dan’s worst habit is picking his fingernails. Mine is never screwing the lids on tightly. Habitually losing my keys/wallet/parking pass is a close second.

18. We both agree that if we would have any super power, it would be to be invisible. If he were to be a super hero, Dan would be Batman. I'd want to be part of the Wonder Twins.

19. Dan has a torn ACL that has never been repaired. The worst injury I ever suffered was a dislocated finger last year.

20. Dan has to have the toilet paper roll dispense from the top. I wasn’t aware of this until now.

21. We both had Pound Puppies when we were little, though Dan was obsessed with them. He even insisted on taking them in a carrier on a plane ride for a family vacation and has pictures of it.

22. We’ve rarely faught. Mostly because Dan doesn’t get angry and can't be baited. The only time I’ve ever been really mad at him was when he convinced me to jump in the river with him after we went white water rafting in Colorado. I’ve never felt anything so cold, and I braved Chicago and Boston winters.

23. We were both very good soccer players in our primes, and we both played defense.

24. The first night we had dinner, neither one of us wanted to go home after we finished. So we went to a park to play Frisbee. Dan sent me back to that same park the day we got engaged along a 5 hour scavenger hunt.

25. We both prefer dive bars to wine bars, dueling pianos & karoake to jazz, Miller Lite to anything else, Christmas over any other holiday... we don't mind dressing up in costumes or silly hats, spending lazy afternoons on the couch playing boardgames or never getting around to hanging pictures on the wall... we like to think of ourselves as two peas in a pod.


Brooke said...

Ok I don't know if I can accept the fact that Dan's favorite character from Real Housewives is NENE, she is the worst! Well actually that's not true, the blonde wig one probably is...good luck to her singing career. I LOVE that you guys watch that, thank god for Bravo. Hope you guys are having a lovely day...Christy and I are in VEGAS trying to win some money for Tuesday's fundraiser...and for a new car : )

Obsessedwithlife said...

Great list! Keeping you in my prayers!


Anonymous said...

I commend you both for your courage. Being a parent of kids (still call you kids) your age I think you are an inspiration for your generation. You should never have to go through this. Wish we could for you. Our prayer are with you and your family. The Michaels..

Jeanne said...

I remember Willy! And the Pound Puppies. And Wonder Twin power! This list put a big smile on my face this morning, hope it did for you guys too.

Anonymous said...

Great list. Dive bars, xlnt.

Keeping you in my thoughts.


hughesd2000 said...

Nice list and you know I have a few comments. Nene????? Definitely can't pick one, but have to go with the one married to the football player! I can attest to Meg's driving, can be a little scary at times. Thank god you never really had a car in college! Dan-hating Fenway Franks? That has to be a felony in Massachusetts. They are the best!! Hope you both are having a great weekend. Enjoy the warm weather!!

Anonymous said...

You guys rock! But what about Popples?


Anonymous said...

Oh, this makes me miss Bethesda! Having moved from Battery Lane last year I totally agree with you about Guapos! You two have been in my thoughts and prayers today.
Brooke from NCI

Linda said...

What about last St. Patrick's Day - the day Dan became Mr. O'Waeger?? It is a mystery - was Meg a part of that too - Meg McRodgers??
Love to you both!


Anonymous said...

WOW Meghan,
What a wonderful posting! You have a gift for keeping life in perspective, as does Dan. In spite of what you are experiencing you continue to be who you are and to share yourselves with others. No wonder you have touched so many lives along the way and changed them for the better. I have followed your blog and have been astounded at the painful experiences that you can put to paper with truth and grace and wit. My heart goes out to you both and my prayers are always with you.
Love, Aunt Kitty

Anonymous said...

Dear Meg,

Kitty just stole all my words. You and Dan are the children of my heart, so I promise not to let it break. It almost broke this morning when the radio played
Danny Boy. Just know all of us are here for you.

Love, Ruth

Theresa Cullen Hill said...

Hi Meg,
Thought Aunt Kitty's and Aunt Ruth's words certainly sum up the Hill/Cullen's of Silver Spring and the Cullen's of Adelphi (who read the blog but haven't figured out how to leave a message...) thoughts. We are thinking of you both.

Diane said...

Dear Dan and Meg and family,

Please know that Scottie's and my prayers are with you. Your notes to Scottie during the very difficult times that you both are facing have meant so much to me, but most importantly, to Scott.

We have gotten our courage from you both. You are right Meg ... no "woe is me" ... celebrate life !!

With heartfelt love and strength to you all,

Diane and Scott

monster said...

We continue to learn from you both!!
re #3 -- didn't that also involve Meg whacking hitting hit in the face??
#20 -- I totally agree about from the top!
#24 -- I was completely honored to be a part of it!

Heather said...

You guys have me trumped. I've lived in MA my entire life and I've been to Fenway ONCE. Ever! 26 years and i've been there once! (Love the Fenway Franks however)
I remember Alf on tv, but do you guys remember the Snorks? hahaha. they were on before the smurfs in the morning. Did you count Pat, Declan and Ellyse in Dan's extended family? hahaha do dogs count?

Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

ALF - from the planet MELMAC - real name I believe is Gordon. Loved cats. Thinking about you guys always...



Anonymous said...

Awesome post :) by the way, Alden has been taping Alf every night the past few weeks. Classic!

Thinking of you and your families.


Anonymous said...

Solid list! Waegs - don't forget about where your love for the Sox started...with the manly road trip to Beantown with Wes where we got matching Garciaparra jerseys. Guess those aren't as cool now huh?



Anonymous said...

Dear Dan and Meg,

I love your list! It brought smiles to my face, as I am sure it brought to many others.

I remember the first Waeger Cup, when there were so many four-somes, that people doubled up on the holes. Just like all the people behind you then, there are even more people now to help keep up your courage, hope and strength. The prayers have always been there and will always be there for all of you.

Love the Zadrozny's

Anonymous said...

I would have thought Dan's favorite sports moment would have had a baseball theme as well...wearing Andy Van Slyke's Pirates jersey and hitting a homerun at 3 Rivers Stadium.

Great list

Melissa and Chris

Anonymous said...

This is Keith your brother's old roommate from Cali. I have been thinking about you and your family a lot these days. I hope my favorite Step mom, Cicely, is taking good care of you.

Lots of love, Keith

Anonymous said...

Dan - I liked you the minute we were introduced back in the fall of 2000. I have laughed at all the stories that Alden tells about you, and I'm sure he always tells me the truth. I read your blog daily and think of you and Meg often.

Thanks for all the smiles you bring me.

Becky Rampmeyer

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the pound puppies. Not sure which I had more of though...pound puppies or cabbage patch kids. Definitely a fan of Alf and also Mr. Belvedere!

Thoughts are with you both!
~Erin Cullison

Anonymous said...

It continually amazes how many smiles I find here. Awesome list. Prayers and Hugs to you both,

sarahmay22 said...

this is my favorite blog entry! I loved reading it! I too have to have the toilet paper dispense from the top! And I had pound puppy sheets when I was little. :)

Anonymous said...

WOW - #17- that could be us - the lid thing & key thing must be a family trait - and the picking partners who pick nails - also a family trait - great list, thanks for making me laugh out loud!

Michael Bergin said...

Item #5 - Danny Waeger as Carl Spackler, the groundskeeper in Caddyshack: "Cinderella boy, outta nowhere, a former greenskeeper now about to become the master's champion."

Keep smiling. We love you.
Michael, Jeanne, Nathan and Grace

Wesch said...

I loved reading this. I smiled the entire time I read it. Thinking of you both - Wesch

Katie Connell said...

I share the love for the Bravo TV line up, but Danny, I can't believe NeNe is your favorite housewife!!! I love the NYC ladies...their catfights are priceless:)

Love and prayers to you both,

Bridget said...

I love this blog!! I'm not a fan when toilet paper is dispensed from the bottom, and not the top - it really bugs me!! LOL...I'm with you Dan!! :)

You both are always in my thoughts...

Bridget Barker

The Urbans said...

This made me smile and I learned even more info about Dan & Meg that I did not know before. You have such an amazing realtionship!
We love you!
Patrice, James, Brielle & Cassidy

Anonymous said...

Meg- I feel like i just discovered a kindred spirit in you...your #9 speaks to me as I (super heart) mashed potatoes too!
loved reading this entire post...


Lisa Auslander said...

I beg to differ with #9 -- he doesn’t really like sweets.

Although I more than helped clear out his candy drawer (he let me!) I have seen Dan very regularly visit the front desk for a little hershey's. It must be the PA in him.


Anonymous said...

You forget about Chaucer? He made Jan Term that year. Was thinking about your club rooms sophomore year had a good laugh the other day. Keep fighting, always rooting for you bud.

Anonymous said...

This post and subsequent comments have made me come to the realization that I may be in the vast minority of the human population who likes the toilet paper to dispense from the BOTTOM. I know exactly where this comes from. Primarily, it's because I have 2 younger brothers who went through a phase sometime between the ages of about 18 months until 3 or 4 when they used to like to go into the bathroom and unroll entire rolls of toilet paper by smacking their hands on the roll to spin it towards them as fast as they could when no one was looking. If it was loaded the other way then they could roll and roll, but the TP stayed. The other thing is I like seeing the neat roll with some TP falling behind it vs. just seeing a limp piece of TP hanging pointlessly from the wall.

Also, Alysha (my roommate) didn't know what a dueling piano bar was until last night when I explained it to her. My first experience at a dueling piano bar was when we went to the one while we were at some conference...I forget which...was it the Austin one? Anyway, she wants to go to one now. Know any nearby?