Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hi Ho Hi Ho

It's off to work we go! Today was the first day back to work for me. I can't remember the last day I was in the office, but things weren't normal for me there since January. It was a little more emotional than I thought- stepping back into my life as just me, and not someone's fiance is inevitable and normal, but still sad. I'd like to say that my attention span is back up to speed, but it's just hard to sit in one place. That, and I am not used to wearing work shoes which, although cute, aren't as comfy as the sneakers and flip flops I've been wearing the past few months.

But I am really glad to be back. It was time to go, and there is no point in building up more hurdles to have to jump over. I am lucky to have a job that I enjoy (at least from what I remember of it!). And it is really something special to work for a boss and a company that treat you as a person first, not a policy. But I did miss having a constant email conversation with Dan throughout the day. Knowing him, he would have had flowers waiting there at my desk or for me when I got home. I miss having my cheerleader. He was so happy for me when I found this job, and I know he'd be glad I am getting back a little of my own life.

So, I guess it was a little anti-climactic. As I said to my boss, there is no handbook for this situation. I can't confine my sad times to the weekend or at night, so I am sure there will be days that being at work will be tough. As with anything, I just do my best and make no apologies for a little flakiness or getting choked up. Just gotta get through it, not over it.


Anonymous said...

Great day for you Meg, you will make it - no doubt- you will make it...and I am so glad you are finding the road....God is Blessing you...thinking of you...and praying for your peace..

Anonymous said...

Meg, I'm happy to hear it was a good day! I hope you get busy with a good project and maybe have to do a little fun shopping for some new work clothes. Good luck. Thinking of you always! Katie

Anonymous said...

So glad. It's great that you were able to just get right back into things Hope you continue to enjoy the job. I'm thinking of you.
Love, Ruth

Lisa Auslander said...

Dan would be so proud. They are lucky to have you back and it was great to see you last night. I don't know about your work shoes, but your party shoes are super cute :)

Anonymous said...

I'm pulling for you Meg.

Love, Aunt Kitty

monster said...
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