Monday, March 15, 2010


Although this blog was originally for the two of us, and eventually for me, I know that it has helped those that loved Dan as well. It has been a place where we all share our thoughts, and where we know Dan's memory lives on. The comments and postings bring comfort to our extended family.

Please take the time to read the posts from Dan's family below, and feel free to add your own memories.


Brooke said...

Thanks, Meg and Dan's family, for these posts. My memories of Dan are of a warm and fun presence and his infectious grin. Thank you to all of you for sharing him.

Ruth said...

Thank you, Patrice and Holly and all of Dan's family for writing about Dan. I only knew him through Meghan, and only after he'd already been diagnosed with cancer. Because of Meghan, he automatically joined my special family within a family--the "children of my heart." But he became dearly loved beyond that because he was such a special person. Thanks Danny and all the Waegers for coming into our lives.

Erin W. said...

I never knew Dan saw all of those animals up close, but it definitely makes sense. I remember when I got my boxer puppy, and he was so excited to dog-sit her. He practically forced me out the door so he could get all of her attention!