Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Memories- From Dan's Mom

I've received a lot of nice notes and emails this week. Dan's mom Cicily sent these pictures to me along with a few words about him.

All moms who love being a mother have special feelings for their final baby. Danny was my "baby", even into adulthood and to the end. Look at his beautiful smile. He was the most perfect baby, always happy and easy going. I used to tell people that Dan could not have been a more perfect baby is he were Jesus himself. Dan was the most laid back person I ever knew, and it started in his infancy. He was always so pleasant. I'm surprised he learned to walk because he was always being carried by his 3 older sisters. I miss him so very much! Cis

This is one of my absolute favorite pictures of Dan as an adult. It was taken in Jan. of 2004 when Dan and I went to Kenya to visit his sister Holly and her husband EJ who were working in Nairobi for 2 years. Dan and I were blessed with a 3 week trip to Kenya. What a lovely time to bond, way before cancer was in the picture. Dan even reported to his siblings that mom was not a pain in the butt, despite my weird sleep rituals. This particular photo was taken on one of the safaris we took with Holly and EJ. It brings me many pleasant and happy memories. Cis


patrice said...

Love the photos and nice thoughts....

Love, Patrice

Bob Waeger Sr said...
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Big Daddy G said...

Hi Meghan
I was at Dan's memorial this week with his mother.
Life is not measured by how long you live,but by the quality of life you lived.
Dan definitely lived a quality life and he is now enjoying his reward in Heaven!
Love in
Rev George"Happy Pappy"Garman
Happy Pappy was my clown ministry name when I visited young children with cancer.