Monday, October 20, 2008

Not There Yet

Well, the distance around the corner is proving to be a bit longer than we thought. The newest development is a severe sore throat which may be due to thrush or just repeated coughing. I've never been able to relate to any of the physical things Dan goes through before, but this is one I can relate to from a case of severe mono from high school. All we can do at the moment is try anything that helps- popsicles, jello, smoothies.

We will also be getting bloodwork done today to check Dan's counts. The treatment makes him more susceptible to infections, etc because it knocks his immune system down. Hopefully they will be ok, and the sore throat will resolve with the thrush medication.

While observing this whole experience can be somewhat surreal for me, what is very real is Dan's determination to get well. Other than saying that his throat hurts, Dan never complains and is very focused on getting better. If we could bottle whatever unwordly determination he possesses to get through this- we'd be rich and cure cancer!

So we are hoping for two things- improved response to the side effects so Dan can play in his golf tournament and good weather for the tournament. So as you go along your way this week, if you wouldn't mind sending a few prayers for those two things, we'd appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

Dan and Meg,
Praying for good weather and good blood work results this week! I hope Dan starts to feel better soon and can participate in the golf tournament this weekend.


Lindsay said...

Dan & Meg,
Bob and I can't wait to see you, we are so excited! I’m crossing my fingers for you, and will continue to pray for good blood work and the best weather ever.
Love you,
Bob and Lindsay Waeger

hughesd2000 said...

Definitely praying for you as well as praying to those all important golf gods!! We will hope for awesome weather and great participation. Truly hope you are feeling better soon and the blood counts are good!! We are thinking of you always.

The Haxtons

Lisa Auslander said...

We're all thinking of you and receieved many well wishes for Dan from our board. Get some rest, lots of milk shakes, and let us know how tomorrow goes.
-Your office-mate!

Anonymous said...

Dan and Meg, you're definitely in our prayers!! I really hope that you can participate in the golf and have a great day playing and hanging out with your friends! I'm praying that your blood counts are good and the sore throat goes away.


Anonymous said...

Dan and Meg,
Praying for you both and for good weather is easy and goes without saying. I can't wait to enjoy the day with you all this coming weekend.
Love you both,

Anonymous said...

Meg and Dan

See you Sunday on the course.


Suzpotts said...

Dan and Meg,
Lots of good wishes and positive thoughts to you both! We wish we could be at the Waeger Cup and hope it's a huge success.
Best to you both,
Sue Potts,