Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Comeback Kid

I honestly didn't think we'd make it through Dan's speech. We managed to arrive in Indy with little problem. But as soon as we hit the door, more side effects kicked in and by the time we awoke yesterday morning, Dan's voice was gone again. Plus he had a severe sore throat on top of the cough which made it all the worse for him to get through a 10 minute speech. Even as we headed down to catch the cab, we weren't sure if he could get up and speak.

But he did, and he was wonderful. I hope you all have the privelage to watch someone you love do something he or she was born to do. Dan was born to be on the stage. I've helped him with speeches and edited for him, but to watch him deliver his message was amazing. He certainly held his own in a room full of top scientists and researchers who had more letters behind their names than most (MD, PHD, MBA). Dan joked that it was a Brett Favre (or maybe even Michael Jordan) comeback- rising from illness to go out and deliver one for the team. It was something special to see. Best of all, Dan made a call to action of the CEO not even knowing that he was in the audience. When we got to meet him afterward, it was a great exchange!

“To those of us in oncology- doctors, nurses, researchers- it may seem that some days, the challenge is too big, too tough.

We hear about another friend, parent, or co-worker being diagnosed. We hear about those that make it, but a lot of times…we unfortunately hear about those who don’t.

In difficult times, we must remember that life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze us and bring us down, but help us discover who we are and the changes we can become.”


Nina said...

I heard that your speech was exactly what we all of have come to expect of you here at NCCS - absolutly amazing! I am not surprised to discover that even with you feeling terrible, you were able to summon the strength and courage to deliver your message. I am thrilled that Meghan was there, not only to support you, but to also witness you approaching life with such a positive perpective and a Waeger Will Win attitude.

Leave it to you to throw the gauntlet down!

All the best.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's great news that Dan was able to deliver his speech and just as great that you were able to see it first hand. I'm sure the traveling was alot but totally worth it. Dan, I hope the sore throat and other side effect go away and you start feeling better real soon. You're in my prayers. Katie

hughesd2000 said...

I am pretty sure everyone left that room a changed person after hearing Dan speak and most probably don't even know what it took for him to do so! We might have to get you on YouTube one of these days so we can all see you deliver your message firsthand. I hope that you get to the top of that mountain with a little bit more ease this time, but if not we are all here to help. Have a good relaxing week and we will be thinking about you.


Anonymous said...

Dan, you are amazing..and Meg, you are too. What a pair! It's no surprise that you found each other. In the midst of this terribly difficult time that you are going through you manage to send out a message of hope, strength, and an indomitable will to fight. It inspires us all - we're all with you.

Love, Mom (Mrs. Rodgers)

Anonymous said...


I was not surprised to learn that you were able to "man up" and deliver a great speech. Your ability to pack emotion, passion and clarity of purpose into a talk is unmatched. I know the folks in Indy were inspired and perhaps one of them had a brainstorm today that will make life better for cancer survivors everywhere.

I am proud to be your friend.

Michael Bergin

Anonymous said...

Both Dan and Meghan were incredible! I am truly blessed to have seen Dan speak twice now - he's like a fine wine - you can't imagine the message and delivery to be any better, but it gets more refined and powerful with each pass. Dana is correct - many, if not all, left the room a changed person - including me.
Thank you guys for coming and touching our team in such a meaningful way. Thank you guys for allowing me into your life! XO Linda

Anonymous said...

Go get 'em Dan! Every person working in "corporate health care" needs to hear those messages again and again and again. One of my favorite sayings is that "statistics are just people with the tears dried off." Thank you for continuing to educate and inspire.
Much love,