Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween

Sorry about the late post. On Friday, Meg and I went to see her nieces go trick-or treating for Halloween. Pictured below are two cute wicked witches of the East, Meg and her niece Lucy. For me, Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a few carved pumpkins. Both of us haven’t carved pumpkins in years and it was fun to bring back a tradition so many share. Pictured below are our two pumpkins!

Reflecting on the past three weeks, the past cycle has been a roller-coaster ride to say the least. I’ve been on chemotherapy for 3 years, but the combination of taxotere and avastin is definitely more intense than Alimta. Two weeks ago, I remember writing about “waiting to turn the corner” as I struggled to get back to feeling my normal energetic self. While it took longer to recover than one would wish, I believe the roller-coaster was more of an uphill climb. I saw a few friends on Saturday and they said I looked better than I did just a week ago at the golf tournament. That’s always good to hear!

As weird as it may sound, I’m looking forward to chemo tomorrow. It’s a difficult road ahead and I know I will have my bad days, but I think the chemo is the only thing providing relief to the cough. While the cough is still present and more potent in the mornings, I do see a change from three weeks ago. Let’s pray the cough continues to get better and for a more tolerable three weeks!


Anonymous said...

I love the witches and jack o lanterns. For some reason, we forgot to carve our pumpkins this year. Maggie thought we should do it on Sunday! Dan - good luck with chemo today. I'm thinking of you and wishing this cycle is a little bit more tolerable than last month. Good luck and you're in my prayers! Katie

Anonymous said...

Oh, Meghan,
You and your niece are just so cute--loved the witches photo and the jack-o-lanterns! Keep having as much fun as you and Dan can work in--it's so good for both of you on so many levels.

I'll be thinking of you both this week. Sure hope, Dan, that this go-around is easier for you--
in my prayers, Paula

hughesd2000 said...

Very cute witches!!  Dan and Meg we will be thinking of you both as you head into cycle two and hoping that the uphill isn't as steep this time around!  Namaste.

Kalisa Owens said...

I am thinking of you both this week. I am praying for minimal side effects, restored energy and some laughs.