Thursday, November 13, 2008

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I don't know if I was born to be on stage. I can't bring "sexy back" like Timberlake can or throw a football like Peyton Manning can throw a football, but if being on stage means turning a story or experience into a message that hopefully motivates others, then I'd say that's me. I get excited. I get nervous. I know public speaking is not everyone, but for me it seems to come natural. I can't emphasize enough the importance of being prepared, that is the key to success.

It's funny, on Monday the adrenaline did take over. I knew I had no voice, my nose was running, and my throat was throbbing. The best experience for me was giving the CEO a call to action in my speech to take a stand against lung cancer, but l had no idea he was sitting in the room among the 150 top researchers and scientists in the company. The CEO of an $18 Billion Dollar company - crazy. Afterwards, we spoke for a few minutes, I don't even remember what about, but the exchange was genuine and he's probably not bad guy to have on the "Waeger Will Win" team. I wonder if he plays golf? Anyways, I'll be sure to include a green wristband in the tha
nk you...

Below is a quick email reaction from one of the researchers in the room -

"Thanks for bringing dan in to talk. He was awesome! Please let him know that his visit really helps us in the labs to put a face and a personality to the disease we seek to treat. He is inspirational and his story will continue to motivate researchers like me to develop the next therapies for him and other cancer survivors. We will be successful in extending out the right tail of the survival curve. We will right shift the whole curve. We have to. It is not just our job, it is a vocation."


Meg is currently at the Livestrong Young Adult Alliance meeting in Austin. She flew out Wed afternoon and returns Friday night. We decided it was just too much for me this week. My sore throat has been throbbing the past few days and I just needed to rest. If you recall, the first cycle we thought it was related to the cough or taking an inhaler, but round 2 confirms that it's a side effect of the chemo. I'll talk to my doctor before next cycle, but just surprised. These are two new drugs for me, so I guess there is always something new. I'm getting tired of smoothies, soup, and protein shakes, so I'm hoping to force down some solids tomorrow.

The Young Adult Alliance started two-three years ago.
Bringing together for the first time key voices in the cancer community to effect positive results for young adults, the LIVESTRONG Young Adult Alliance is a coalition of organizations with the goal to improve the survival rates and quality of life for young adults with cancer between the ages of 15 and 40. The Alliance is committed to promoting research and the investigation of the problem, serving as a voice for the issue and promoting effective solutions.

To read more:

My foundation was lucky enough to be an inaugural member. I've attended the first two years and thought a few months ago that it would be great if Meg could join me this year. Who knew she would have to carry the load for the whole team this time around? I couldn't ask for better person there to represent and I can't wait for her to write about it! Enjoy Texas babe...


Eric Allen said...

Just when I have had a shitty morning (missed the bus, missed the train, and the ferry was 15 minutes late) I decide to check out the blog. What a great idea. I needed a little reminder that being an hour late for work (or the news yesterday that bonuses are going to be cut this year) is far from the worst thing that could happen right now. I have a lot to be thankful and your posts remind me of that. Coming from NC, I have heard Jimmy V's speech numerous time and it is just as inspirational every time I hear it. Meg, I appreciate the your last post. I needed a few tears this morning but the funny thing is that I would have never even thought about shedding them until I read the blog. You guys are both an inspiration. I hope I get the opportunity to hear a speech one day, Dan. As always, let me know if there is anything I can do for you guys.

hughesd2000 said...

Dan, I saw your picture on the Today show. There was a whole segment on lung cancer and how more dollars need to be allocated to research for lung cancer. Nice to see that lung cancer is getting more and more publicity. I think people are shocked about how many people are non-smokers. But your picture was just to the right of Matt Lauer's head!! Looking good.
Meg, hope you are having a good time in Austin. Can't wait to hear about it.


Anonymous said...

Go figure - I turn on the Today show to get my Matt Lauer fix and there's your beaming face behind him. I could barely look at Matt (which is tough to do for me) as I just kept looking at you as the "many faces of lung cancer". You're an inspiration, kiddo. Hang in there. Try Mac & Cheese - the Kraft Box kind with ice cold applesauce on the side -it's a favorite sore throat meal in my house.
Virtual hug,

Meg Rodgers said...

Here is the link to the today show video

Anonymous said...

Meg and Dan,
I checked your blog 20 mins ago and saw that you were on the today show this morning so I googled and watched the video...I see now that Meg has the link posted. I was VERY moved by this video and felt that the information was very accurate and good for all to see. Thoughts and prayers Dan as you continue your treatment. Meg you are so extremely strong and have such powerful words to share. Thanks to both of you for keeping up this blog!
Thoughts and prayers,
The Geraci's

Patrice said...

Yes Danny, I also wish I could hear one of your speeches--is there anyone who can video tape it and give a copy???

Glad to hear you were able to do it despite the sore throat/throbbing--I am sorry you feel crappy.

AWESOME photo on the TODAY SHOW!

Patrice said...


Meg--Great job with all the editing, help, support and good to know he has an awesome back up speaker!!!