Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another Year Older

So Friday is Dan's birthday. I've been very careful not to make certain days big "anniversaries" of events. For me, it would just make this whole experience a lot harder. It's bad enough getting through normal days. I wonder if people at work have any idea what it takes for me to get up and look presentable, commute to work, sit at a desk for 8+ hours... let alone actually be productive and intelligent!

But Dan's birthday will be the first significant day for me since he passed. We loved planning fun things and surprising one another. And we always wrote a letter to mark these events. I would have spent a long time picking out the perfect card. He would've cried when he read it.

Dan's birthday last year was one of the last fun days we had before we knew his cancer spread... when life was just beginning for us, and we were excited about our future. We played hooky and went to Six Flags for the afternoon. He had no idea, of course. And it took a lot of effort to smuggle towels & a change of clothes for the water park! I'll always remember that we stayed until the park closed, still running up the lines for the water slides. We were easily the oldest ones there by many years. I think we may have elbowed a few abnoxious teens out of the way. It was such a fun day. I miss planning fun things for him. Well, I just miss him. I miss everything about him.

So if you have a good story to share, feel free to post it in the comments. It would be nice to hear. I don't know what I'll be doing on Friday. I need to find something fitting. Something fun and goofy. I better get moving!


Anonymous said...

I don't know if I should say this or not...but it's funny. One of my funniest moments I have of Dan was when I was an RA (resident assistant) at college....basically you were to patroll for parties and underage drinking...I more or less ignored everything and just got paid for the job...anyway! One night when I was on duty Dan decided to have a party in his apt...which was newly built on campus. Numerous times I knocked on his door and told him I wasn't going to write him up...just make sure when the adult RA's come around at 10 and 12 to be quiet...Dan promised. WELL!!! At 12 when we went around Dan's apt. was hopping! Needless to say, the party got bosted...and out of this 2 bedroom Apt. came 150+ people! We stopped counting after awhile. I think he broke the record for largest on campus party busted! He always knew how to live in the moment! Happy Birthday Dan! I am sure you and Dom and golfing up in Heaven! Just wish you were both back here!


Anonymous said...

You and Dan have been much on my mind this week and after reading the blog, I went through my pics. I have a couple of wonderful shots, particularly of Katie and Dan and I'll keep them up front so I can think of you in happier times. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Love, Ruth

Anonymous said...

I love telling Dan stories. Did he ever wear his cowboy hat around you? He loved that thing in college, I hated it.


The Urbans said...

Happy 27th birthday Danny!
I will miss those big birthday bashes he had almost every year since he was diagnosed--they were like a true "celebration of life" which is what every birthday party should be and it was great to see him so happy and surrounded by so many friends, even if one year someone ended up passed out on the kitchen floor--at least they had a great time!
Happy Birthday Danny! We love you!
Love, Patrice