Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wearing of the Green

There have been a couple requests for the meaning behind Waeger Will Win and the green bracelets. I had to do a little research, so if I don't get it exactly right, it's close enough!

So, with a little help from Serge & Joe...

"Waeger Will Win is pretty much a phrase coined by Dan since the time we met him. Whether it be on the golf course, fantasy sports, or his intramural team - that would pretty much be Dan's team name. Or his trashing talking on the first tee. I think I've told you to me he really seemed to like the name Waeger and was proud to refer to himself as such.

The most prominent WWW team name is probably the intramural floor team. It was our floor hockey team (Joe was on the rival team) and we got it together just after Dan tore his ACL. Because of this Dan decided tobe the goalie, thinking that would be fine. After letting up a couple goals and having a ball SLOWLY, and I mean SLOWLY, roll between his legs he quit (we kicked him out) and became coach of the team. He would show up in suits for the games. His team that year was named, like all others, Waeger Will Win. Pretty sure that is the only coaching advice he gave too....

After Dan was diagnosed, a girl named Julie wanted to do something for Dan. She called asking for ideas ofwhat to put on a t-shirt or wrist band. I think we went with Waeger Will Win because it was in Dan's IM profile and everyone started putting it int heir profiles after he was diagnosed. Just grew from there.

The 237 Lodestone crew (Tyler Wright, Stoney, Becky, Serge, and I, and the usual random people sleeping on the couch...Lowy, Marshall, Galligan) all had the bands right off the bat. We brought the first batch of wrist bands to Dan's first Birthday Bash. His fam loved them and ordered more. They gave me a bunch more during a visit to see Dan at Hopkins. Seemed like half of Westminster had them from there. Pretty cool how the bands transitioned from a way a small group of friends could show support for their buddy to ideas on living your life to the fullest, showing support to those withcancer everywhere, making the best out of every situation, and, of course, agreat way to remember and show tribute to Dan...."

For me, the green band played a very important part in the day Dan & I got engaged. Within a few months of meeting Dan, I started wearing my Livestrong bracelet again. He offered me a green WWW bracelet, but I didn't want one. I didn't feel like I was one of Dan's inner circle, and after seeing how close his friends were, I didn't want to wear one just because I had a little crush on the kid. It became a sort of running joke between the two of us, but he never offered me another bracelet during all that time.

Fast forward to engagement day when Dan sent me on a journey around the various places that were important to us (yes, that meant I went to a bar AND a church in the same day!). At one point, I received a little box and a note. In the box was a green Waeger Will Win bracelet. The note read


I'd be honored to have you wear the wristband. Wearing the band does not remind me of cancer or a winning attitude, but of friendship. Friends like Joe & Serge and all those who have supported me over the years. To me the green band signifies an unbreakable bond between friends, and I'd love it if my best friend would wear one forever...."

Now, I am struck by how good it makes me feel to see people still wearing the bands. I know that I am always among friends.


Cindy said...

Thanks, Meg and Serge and Joe. I had people asking me and I couldn't remember all of the details of the intramural team. I also didn't know if was part of your engagement. When did my brother become such a romantic?

It is a great story, a great slogan and has a great meaning. I am still wearing mine.

Tyler said...

I still wear my original bracelet even with all the wear and tear.


By the way, we still dominated in floor hockey! We have intramural champ tshirts to prove it.

Anonymous said...

That is a great story! It is perfect for the photo TD took - I will get that to you - if she doesn't first. I never take mine off. I noticed Bruce had his on today, too. The circle of friends is amazing!
Love Dan!
Love You!
Indy WWW