Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Birthday

Dear Dan-

Happy Birthday!

I miss you every day, but am so thankful for all the wonderful memories you left me. We crammed a lot of happiness into such a short time. As you said, "We had a good run."

Thank you so much for loving me and making me a better person. You showed me what it was to be joyful, and even in my grief, that joy remains in my heart. Even though you're gone, I still learn from you and still laugh when I think of all the many jokes and adventures we shared. I know that when you said you'd never really leave me that you meant it. Because you left me with a true happiness with myself and with life. A gift that will always remain.

I love you. I miss you. And I hope you'll be proud of who I've become as a result of loving you.

Happy Birthday babe.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dan! Meg - well said - beautifully written! Love the pictures - so sweet...
Love, NMR

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing your letter to dan with us. the pictures are great.

happy birthday waegs.

Cathilee Sharretts said...

Dear Meg,
As I shared with you before I was honored to be with Cicily & Bob when Dan entered the world. To see the picture of him as a toddler really brought back to mind the Dan I knew. What a darling boy.
Thank you for posting the pictures of Dan--it was nice to see the pictures of your special man. Thinking of YOU.
Blessings with love,
Cathilee Sharretts

hughesd2000 said...

I love the pictures. What a great smile. Happy Birthday Dan!! And Go Phil!!

Anonymous said...

Dan, I spent time at your grave today, your birthday. I talked to you, journaled a little, and just sat there enjoying the lovely weather. It was a great day for golfing and I am sure you would have golfed if u were still here. You were born on a Sat night. As we were going up to the steps to St. Theresa's Sat eve mass, my contractions started, and I knew you would be born that night. What a darling baby you were. You will always be my much beloved baby. Your MOM

Anonymous said...

Your happy birthday note to Dan, Meghan, is so beautiful,and the photos are just great--all so positive and favorable. You have made great choices--including having been in a relationship with Dan--the effects of which continue to manifest beneficially in your life--how wonderful to see that happen.

cousin P

Lisa Auslander said...

ah! I took that picture (second from the bottom) at Pebble Beach right after Dan and I got to take a spin around in a brand new convertible! That was such a great day.