Monday, December 15, 2008

Griswald's Christmas

Saturday we set off on our quest for the perfect tree. We found the perfect tree for us- slightly crooked, a little off-center, and full of life. Dan named him Karl. It was a good day.

Below is my first attempt at playing with my flip video camera and iMac. Not perfect by any means, but you get the point. The video is bouncy and I realized that once Dan started cutting down Karl, I pick the camera in my pocket & left it rolling for 45 minutes. Nothing but complete black. Oh, and you can hear some cursing when I realized that we had to pay in cash, and we almost didn't have enough to get Karl home. We had just enough, and the kind people at Good Spirits Christmas Tree Farm let the tax slide. How typical.

We'll put up pictures later this week of Karl all decked out.

Chemo tomorrow. Keep Dan in your prayers!


monster said...

Can't wait to see the tree decorated! Christmas is my favorite holiday -- glad you are both so filled with the spirit!!!
Sorry I can't be there tomorrow to share some of the cookies we've been baking....

Anonymous said...

Love the hats guys!

Good luck today.

Julie LaMotte

Anonymous said...

Nicely done on the video Meg. Dan I like the hat you're wearing. And I hope Karl fit in the apartment this year, unlike last year when I think Dan got a little ambitious with the size of the tree.



Anonymous said...

Dan and Meg

Congratulations on your first film release. As the former caretaker of boxes of Christmas ornaments imported from Boston and Chicago, I know that Karl will be well dressed.

Dan should plan on minimal down time from chemo, so that he can show off his lumberjack trophy.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you both today. Dan, you look good. Meg, your videography will improve with practice. How fun to add the video for us to see. Now we expect lots more of it! Love, mom Cicily

hughesd2000 said...

I loved the hats! Hope Karl is getting much deserved love and attention as you decorate him for the holiday season!! Hope you are feeling well after chemo on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

you guys make me smile!!

losta love and merry christmas!!

la ford

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! That is just THE best! LH

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how many times I've thought about the video and Karl the past few days - it is so like you to do that - it makes me smile every time!

Merry Christmas!