Friday, December 12, 2008

Want to Get Away for Awhile

The tag line from the southwest commercial sums up my attitude towards cancer this week. It’s not that I need to physically get away, although that is always nice, but trying to ignore the constant reminders which most people don’t even notice. Every week I come across countless news articles, commercials, segments on tv, and everything else that mentions cancer.

Some are good, like the article that came out last week that says cancer rates are declining (although given the hike in population this number can be misleading). Sometimes I seek out the articles looking for the latest treatments and revolutionary studies. As for others, I just get overwhelmed and say enough is enough. This week I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to dive into these things, but it’s like the old saying – you never notice what type of car you want or that are out there until you’re in the market for a car. Well, I’m not exactly in the market for cancer, but as a survivor anytime the word pops up in a commercial, article, or tv segment it usually causes me to turn my head.

It’s tough because I don’t want to turn my head. I don’t want to be constantly reminded. I want to get away for awhile but it’s so tough to avoid. Last night, Meg and I were surfing the internet and had the show ER playing in the background. Just as you think you are escaping into the computer by reading emails and looking to buy a few online Christmas gifts, a person on the show ER needs to be treated for cancer. Ugh! Needless to say I just switched the channel. Enough is enough - let's try not to think about cancer until Tuesday which is when my next treatment takes place.

Tomorrow, Meg and I are going to a tree farm to cut down our own tree. I can’t wait! Just picture me driving out to Frederick, MD like Clark W. Griswald from Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and you'll undestand how excited I get. Hope everyone has a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

Meg and Dan, have fun getting and decorating your tree this weekend. I hope that it can take your mind off of cancer and just be fun! Meg, just can't help but remember some of our very fun Christmas parties. We're off to Michigan Ave tonight to finish our shopping even though it is freezing here. Wishing you both much happiness and good health this holiday season!! Dan, good luck with your next treatment!! Katie

hughesd2000 said...

I can picture you driving out there, trying to pass the semi, getting a tree that is way too big (something I think we all do) and I am giggling right now thinking about it as you attempt to put the tree up and sap goes everywhere. That is such a great movie. Everytime we cut that red rope off the tree, I think of that movie. Funny, funny stuff. I want pics posted of you and your special tree cutting hats. Hope you can keep thoughts of cancer way in the back of your mind at least for the weekend. Have a great one and good luck with the tree.


Anonymous said...

I second the request for tree photos! I hope you had a great time - I'm sure it is beautiful!
(and there's nothing better than the smell!)

Kalisa Owens said...

Your post was spot on...I hope you were able to escape this weekend and enjoy some holiday cheer.

Lisa Auslander said...

I just saw your wedding website and I am in love with both of your baby pictures and i cant believe dan used to have that much hair!!!