Thursday, December 18, 2008

One Week till...

Christmas! I just can't believe it is only one week away. When did it creep up so fast? I saw on the news tonight that an estimated 41 million people haven't even started their shopping yet! I have to admit that I'm usually part of that crowd that starts 2 days before Christmas. Isn't that when you get the best deals? So far this year, I did buy a few things, but I'm still way behind.

As someone going through treatment, it's tough. I'm notoriously a late shopper, but I just can't run out to the store like I used to. I've got to plan ahead and factor in days that I don't feel 100%. Tuesday's treatment went ok. I felt yucky as soon as I got home on Tuesday and a little nauseated and tired last night and this morning. It's Christmas though, I'll find a way to muster enough energy to participate in the fun rituals from decorating our tree and baking cookies (which Meg and I did tonight) to the not so fun rituals of sitting in holiday traffic and fighting the crowded stores in search of that perfect gift.

But as I said, I just need to plan ahead and be a little more strategic. I can't expect to last 4 hrs shopping and driving around. I need to almost map out the stores I need to visit and be in and out. In the end, I know it's about the Christmas spirit and being surrounded by the friends and family.

(Although, there is nothing better than seeing that Christmas spirit light up in your 3 year old niece when it's your gift that becomes her favorite!)


Anonymous said...

Dan, you are loved so very much with or without gifts. Am glad you wrote today. I never really thought about how difficult crowds and shopping are fore you. Love, mom Cicily

Anonymous said...

I hope you're feeling better from chemo this past week.

Don't worry too much about the gifts - remember where you got your valentine's card for Meg (the REALLY, REALLY big one) - not at a store. :0) And I'm certain that is one of her favorite gifts!

Where are the pictures of Karl??


Brooke said...

Hey Dan and Meg! I got the xmas card, great picture...where di you find the sweaters? I can't find holiday sweaters anywhere!
Happy Holidays!

hughesd2000 said...

Merry Christmas!! Hope you have a wonderful holiday spent with family and friends. Wishing you the best of everything for 2009.

The Haxton Family

monster said...

Can't wait to see you guys and celebrate Christmas!!! Maybe you'll even get one of Alex's big "ahhhh"s when he's sees you!!! Hint hint on the Christmas shopping -- ONLINE is the way to go! - Holly