Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chocolate Therapy

What would you do when you hear bad news? After the doctors, I headed to dinner at a restaurant called the Burger Joint. I scarfed down a bacon cheese burger with smoked applewood bacon, rosemary, and a special sauce, a basket of sweet potato fries, and a cold Sierra Nevada on tap. It hit the spot!! (http://www.burgerjointdc.com/). The funny thing is I had hopes of eating healthy and maybe even taking a jog. But when I got home, the thought of diving into a face full of unhealthy food was too appealing and the burger joint is conveniently 2 blocks away. Afterwards, I headed across the street for a small Chocolate/Peanut Butter cone at Ben & Jerry’s. I doubt I needed the cone, but when it’s across the street – why not?

As for the results, I’m not really surprised. There’s growth. Realistically, I expected the cancer to grow. Call me pessimistic, but I haven’t had treatment in 3 months. The mass in both my left lung and liver grew ½ cm. In June, the tumors measured 2cm in diameter and now they are 2.5 cm. It’s not aggressive growth or modest growth, but typical. The more disappointing news is that there is another spot on my liver (measuring about1cm).

What am I feeling? Cancer sucks. It’s preventing Meghan and me from leading the perfect life. I understand that nobody has a perfect life, but it would nice to have the mental freedom to plan a future. To plan a wedding. To plan more than just a two weeks at a time. Right now, I’m scheduled to go on Tarceva – 25 mg a day. After two weeks, I will increase the dose to 50mg and two weeks later to 75mg. This was the game plan which came from the doctor in Colorado and my doctor agreed.

I feel like others were hoping for something different, so I’m sorry to disappoint. Were you hoping for the cancer to magically disappear? I still am, it is just that my mind had already switched to being optimistic about Tarceva. So keep the prayers and support coming! Our next check point is October 14th!


hughesd2000 said...

I thought about you guys all day and just wanted to get home to check this site. The description of your dinner had my mouth watering especially the cold Sierra Nevada on tap. I was hoping for you to come back to say there was no growth or shrinkage (and I don't mean a jump in a cold lake type shrinkage!). But so much positive energy and a great course of treatment, the shrinkage is in your future!! If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know!!!

Dana and the Haxton clan

Anonymous said...

Dan and Meg, I was praying for a good appointment today. It's great that you have a game plan now to tackle the cancer and I'm hoping that by your next visit or one of the next, you'll be excited to share some great news!! Good luck on the new treatment! Katie

diehly-o said...

glad to see you still have the appetite! running is highly overrated anyways. just want you to know that a day doesn't go by that we don't check in on your progress and you and meghan have opened our eyes to a whole new perspective. although we will never know fully what you two struggle with day in and day out i want to reiterate what your mom said yesterday about the power of now...i actually read that book as well (i know, i actually read a book) and i agree 100% that we can only truly control what is going on right now at this moment. at this moment you are in a great relationship and have the support of numerous friends and family. keep up the fight and the postings, but most of all get your but out there and practice that golf cuz team waeger needs to bring home the CUP this year! mike and katie

Anonymous said...

Dear Meg and Dan,
My thoughts were with you all day, and reading your blog now I'm glad you feel you are on the right track. I have good vibes that this medicine will be effective.
I love you both,
(back in the USA)

Kris Lowther said...

Hey guys...thinking of you and know that this treatment will work! Keep up the optimism...it will pay off. Stay strong!