Friday, August 1, 2008

Fabulous Friday!

Dear team Waeger-

We just returned from the hospital, and I am happy (relieved, too) to report that everything went as well as it could have... except getting up at 6am.

Going in, we were uncertain that the radiologist would be able to access the small spot on the liver since it sat high up on the dome and underneath the lung. There was a danger that if they had to go in from the top, that the lung could have punctured & collapsed (which can also be minor or major). Fortunately, the doctor & ultrasound technician were able to work together and find another way up under the lung. So with a little bit of collaboration with Dan breathing in deeply & holding his breath, the liver was pushed far enough down to get the needle in for 5 samples.

It was pretty amazing to see the doctor work- she was pretty determined to get the biopsy, had a great bedside manner and was very comforting and positive. She also allowed Dan's Dad (DTB to me) and I to sit with Dan and watch the whole thing. The 9 inch needle was a bit much for me, so I held Dan's hand and kept my eyes closed for the most part, but eventually was able to watch the whole thing on the ultrasound. After a brief stay in recovery, we were off for Italian Ice at Rita's and back home. The testing will take about 7 days, but we'll write more about that next week.

Dan feels pretty good, other than a sore chest (which is understandable after seeing that needle!). As we were waiting for our car, he looked me straight in the eye and said very matter-of-factly "I'm going to beat it". Just like as simple as that, and I believe him 100%.

We also got to stop by and see the wonderful, fabulous, gracious (I could go on) nurses before the procedure. As always, they lifted our spirits!!!! I am posting our picture below.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


hughesd2000 said...

I just checked in to see how it went today and glad to hear that you were successful in getting the biopsy. I also believe that you will beat it simple as that!!!! I also liked the pants on Fancy Pants Thursday!! Hope you all have a great weekend!

DTB said...

Dan and Meg

Glad to hear the testing went well. I share Meg's aversion to needles and turn my head whenever I have blood drawn. How does Rita's compare to Carmens? Lucy is pushing the Franctured Prune as the new 'best place' to get ice cream.


Tyler said...

Great to hear everything went well! Sorry I couldn't make it...I was stuck at work all day.

Go Ravens!


Kalisa Owens said...

I believe!! I am so happy everything went well today. Enjoy your weekend.

Patrice said...

Danny & Meg,
This blog is awesome--I just read the whole 1st page and will continue to catch up...I love that you included photos. It is very insightful and well written--I like having both Dan and Meg's perspective. I am sorry I have missed all the early blogs, I did not realize it is so easy to do, I am just learing how to text and now I can blog--I will catch up now, fianlly catching up with technology...Glad all went so well today. We love you and have so many people supporting you here in Philly and all TRULY BELIEVE that you will beat it!!!
Love, Patrive

Cicily said...

Meg and Dan, I, too, am relieved that the procedures were successful today. I love that u included picture of the great nurses at Hopkins. As I said once before, the Healing is YOURS. Claim it. Love, mom

momtb said...

Hi Meg and Dan,
Great news on today's procedure. I'm happy for you both and all of the rest of us. I missed being there but represented you at the Brooksfield Talent Show where Katie was the best Monkey Jumping on the Bed complete with bananaphone and Lucy was a fabulous villager - they wished you could have been there and look forward to the next time you can come and see their cool new pool moves. I am totally infected with your positive, upbeat attitude - Dan will win and we'll all be there with him! (Now let's see if I really can do this blog thing!).

Mom (MTB)

Anonymous said...

good to hear brother - we are all hoping for good news. Keep up the good fight.


Lindsay Waeger said...

Danny and Meg,
Im glade everything went well. Bobby and I will be sure to keep checking the blog to see how you are. We miss you already!
Bobby and Lindsay

Anonymous said...

Meg and Dan, I'm so glad that everything went well yesterday!! You guys are so brave. I was thinking of you guys. Hope you have a good rest of the weekend. Katie

Kitty said...

Meghan and Dan
What wonderful news! I pray you will get the answers you and your doctors need so that this can be put behind you.

Love, Aunt Kitty said...

Hi Guys-
Wanted to let you know that while we don't post often - we do read everything (ok this is our 1st post) - you two are superbly eloquent and obviously incredibly strong. We want you to know that whatever it takes, and whatever we can to do support you, we will always stand by your side and continually keep you in our thoughts!
Love Los Rodgersos menor

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see the update and that they were able to get the biopsies. I like the pic with the nurses :-)


Lisa Auslander said...
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Lisa Auslander said...

Rita's ice makes everything better. Sorry Tater couldn't come to cheer you up. He'll be back soon and wants to go for a ride in Dan's car.