Saturday, August 16, 2008


We just learned that a fellow cancer warrior, Leroy Sievers, passed away today. Leroy was an acclaimed news producer, working with Ted Koppel at Nightline, and more recently at Discovery. Leroy was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2001, and it recurred in 2005. Since that time, he wrote a daily blog about his cancer experiences at NPR. His words often made it easier for Dan & I to talk about cancer, and in many ways, he was the inspiration for us to start our own blog. Like Dan, Leroy is such a fighter, and his honesty about his cancer experience inspired and helped so many.

We actually met Leroy and his partner Laurie in the waiting room earlier this summer while waiting for bloodwork. We spent about 5 minutes talking with them, and in that short time, it was clear that we had many shared experiences, despite clear differences in age and background. I won't forget his incredible spirit during that brief meeting, despite his failing health.

Even though we barely knew him personally, Leroy was a true friend. We will miss him.

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