Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vacation (almost!)

Well, we've almost made it to vacation week, save for Dan's trip to NY for the art show. Of course, you can never fully take a vacation from cancer, but hopefully we'll get some much needed rest! We are headed to Denver, CO, and then onto Mt. Princeton for my friend's wedding next weekend.

As fate would have it, one of the top lung cancer researchers is located at the University of Colorado, which is a short drive from Denver. This doctor was also on the list of people Dan's oncologist has been consulting with over the past couple of weeks. Somehow it just worked out that we would be in Denver around this time- we certainly wouldn't have guessed back in January that the trip would serve dual vacation/cancer purposes. Just one of those things. We will be meeting with him Thursday morning. Which means that we're getting closer to a decision on treatment, and getting back into the fight.

So as I said, you never really take a vacation from cancer. For me, mentally dealing with cancer is like going to the beach. Some days, you can just watch the water peacefully from the shore. Other days, you might dip a toe in or wade in up to your knees. And there are days that the surf is rough, the waves are huge, and they knock you down. Just like cancer- some days, it's hardly there at all. Other days, a news headline or conversation bring cancer more to the forefront. And some days, cancer can be all-consuming and literally take you under. I guess I am just lucky that I have such a good partner in Dan, that the bad days don't last that long!

One a side note, I just read an email from a good friend who had just finished reading the blog for the first time. His comment was that I've been truly blessed. I am so happy that is what he saw, as that is what I think every day, cancer or no cancer.


hughesd2000 said...

I hope you all have a great vacation and your meeting gives you some insight on where to go next with the treatment. Relax and enjoy the greatness of Colorado. You both are truly blessed as are all of us who have been lucky enough to know you and travel along this journey with you!!


Anonymous said...

Hello from Israel/The Holy Land:

The internet is so great, from so far we can be in the loop. The trip to Colorado sounds great; I'm glad you will have time to visit the specialist and attend the wedding. Enjoy the sights and each other--have fun!



Anonymous said...


I'm interested to hear what happened at the art show. Did any of the exhibits ring a bell for you? Also, did you did take any satisfaction from the winnowing process?

Meg and Dan

Mike, Nikki, Lucy, and Katie have taken up residence in Vienna. The kitchen was stripped on Monday and the contractors are hard at work installing the new version. I hope the work goes quickly because preparing food and eating in the family room is a downer.


Lisa Auslander said...

Dan and Meg,
Good luck at your appointment tomorrow and enjoy beautiful Colorado!

Marie said...

Hi Dan and Meg;
Your vacation sounds like a great adventure. Although I realize that the cancer is never far from your minds, it can be wonderfully renewing to take a vacation from ones every day life and enjoy what a new area offers.

I am eager to read about the wedding and the trip to the specialist out there. My prayers and thoughts are with you always.