Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Kiss is just a Kiss, A Sigh is just a Sigh....

but when is a cough just a cough?

That is the question we've been dealing with this week. Dan had a tickle in his throat last week, which has turned into a cough. For most people, you'd attribute it to a cold or virus caused be the change in seasons. Unfortunately for Dan, it's not that easy. It's an eerie reminder of the symptoms leading to his initial diagnosis.

So we are watching and waiting. I am actually hovering, keeping one ear out for anything that sounds better or worse. Dan sleeps solidly through the night, and otherwise seems pretty good. He went to yoga last night, and felt good. We both could use a lot more sleep, though! I think it's just a cold, and am even trying to will myself to cough as well to prove myself right. Whatever it is, we just want it to go away! Now!

We will see what develops over the next few days, and if necessary, make an apointment to see the doctor next week. So, as you go about your weekend, please send positive thoughts that this cough will move on.

Otherwise, Dan is doing well with the Tarceva. He upped his dosage once, and no rash resulted. He will up it again over the next coming days.

Here is a picture of Dan at his recent visit to Senator Mikulski's office. Thanks to Kay from the Lung Cancer Alliance for sending it!


Anonymous said...

Great picture Dan! In reference to your last blog...what have you done today to feel great...I taught a lesson on friendship and gave each of the kids 2 hershey kisses. One to eat and one to give to a friend. When they give it to the friend they have to tell them how special they are to them. The kids did great and are still talking about the lesson...which makes me feel great!

So Dan and is a "hershey kiss" for you guys. Your spirit, faith, and strength are admirable qualities and something we all are learning from you guys. You've touched our lives, and will continue to touch our lives in more ways then you know.

Best of luck as you increase your dosage and with getting rid of that cough! Hopefully its just the change in season.

Thoughts and prayers!
KArin Geraci

Anonymous said...

Hi Meg and Dan! Dan, love the yellow with the suit... I'm hoping that it's just the beginning of a cold and you guys are able to have a relaxing weekend with some sleep and then next week, you're over it. I'm sure you'll have some good red sox games to watch. We're hoping that our sox make it to the playoffs too. Bob's miserable about the Cubs status and you can only imagine how pleased all his friends are. Take it easy this weekend and I'm hoping that the cough turns out to be nothing!! You're in my prayers as always -Katie

Eric Allen said...

I also love the picture. It is now my background on my computer at work. I hope the cough goes away soon and nothing more than an itchy throat. See you in a little over a month.


Lisa Auslander said...

Dan, get some rest. Don't spend the entire weekend golfing. Have fun with your Dad.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan, You don't know me but, I know Patrice. It is evident that you are a wonder person who has touched many lives. Your sister touched me as she was telling us about your battle with cancer. From what I got out of listening to her is that you are very brave and loved by many.
I feel very fortunate to have the life that I have now in a healthy and successful family. I honestly feel that any day something could inflict anyone of us and my life could change forever. There is not a day that goes by when I think about many people who are in the fight of their lives and savor everyday as it is their last. Not having the honor to have met you, I can tell how brave and determined you are and that you will prevail.
L. Runyan