Monday, September 1, 2008

Summer Photos

Thought you'd enjoy a few photos of the summer as we ease into fall. Dan was able to start Tarceva over the weekend. He is starting a low dose and working his way up. He is feeling good so far, but the real test will be in a week or so when the dosage ramps up.

Right is a picture of our new BFF Nicole Ritchie. OK, so this is from the spring but it's still pretty funny. We ran into her in Starbuck's in Annapolis, MD. And yes, she is tiny!

Left- One of four ballparks we visited this season. Wrigley is my second favorite place to see a game after Fenway, which we were at for Opening Day. We also saw the Rockies & the Nats (and Dan represented for the O's/Sox game in Baltimore while I was stuck at work).

Right- Dan & Chris Spielman at the Livestrong Summit. Chris is an Ohio State alum & played in the NFL for the Lions. He took off an entire season in 1998 when his wife Stefanie was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Left- Us at Livestrong

Left- Dan preparing for white water rafting. Believe me- don't listen to the guide when he suggests you take a dip in the Arkansas River. Coldest thing I've ever felt!

Left- At Jen & Roy's wedding in Colorado. The background
scenery in this picture provided a magnificent backdrop for their ceremony. We don't look so bad ourselves.

Dan & Katie at breakfast this morning. I think I have a little competition from my niece. She really likes her Uncle Dan (or Danny as she calls him, even though no one else in my family does). This morning she grabbed his hand and said with a big smile- "I love you Danny!!!". My heart melted on the spot!


Anonymous said...

Meg - we love Dan!!!(we like you too)
signed, your family

Anonymous said...

These are fabulous photos! Thanks so much for sharing.

From Cheryl, a friend of Holly's

Bob said...

Dan & Meg,
WOW, awesome photos! you guys look excellent together. Glad to hear you had an eventful summer and got out to travel to all those wonderful places (ballgames, rafting in Colorado, etc).
We are trying to get our schedules straightened otu to come to the Golf Tournament. let us know how the Tarceva is working and we have our fingers crossed that the rash does not affect you as much this time around.

hughesd2000 said...

Awesome pics!! Hope things are going Ok with the Tarceva. Meg-your family cracks me up!!

Patrice said...

Danny & Meg,
Love the photos!!! Very nice addition--you both look so awesome and happy--and we (the Waegers) still call him Danny--so I love that your niece does as well....
****Did you see their is a show" Stand up to Cancer" on Fri night all major channels at 8pm?

Heather said...

I have to say that i'm a fan of Fenway Park. Although I guess i'm kind of partial. I hope that next time you guys are in Boston you'll give us a call. We'd love to see you especially since Boston is a little less than an hour away!

Are you gearing up for football season yet?