Monday, September 29, 2008

You Have to Take the Weekend Off

We were lucky to spend the weekend catching up with family and friends. It was fantastic to see everyone, and be surprised by friends from far away, as well as spend an extra evening with (most of) our nieces and nephew in the same place! Of course, it all went by too fast and I never feel like I have enough time to have a decent conversation about what is going in other people's lives. I swear, we are very interested everyone else's stories and it feels great to talk about the latest comment from a little niece, our friends' engagements, wedding plans & kids, and football! What a true gift to feel normal for a little while. A huge "thank you" to our families (especially my parents) and friends- it was a big boost for us!

Juggling the cancer world takes a lot of effort. As hard as you try, cancer can alienate you from the real world some days. There are pros and cons- ceasing to care about mundane things removes some stresses but then leaves more time to think about bigger issues. Blogging helps keep people updated, but also becomes the primary form of communication for some, and most of that communication is centered around cancer. You feel a responsibility to educate people, but then find yourself wanting deperately for people to see you as just a normal couple. So this weekend was a good reminder to take the weekend off from cancer, and I think it came at the right time.

We jump back in tomorrow morning with a visit to the doctor for a chest CT. Dan's cough has persisted. And I swear everytime I think to myself that he sounds a lot better, he coughs! No use in theorizing what might be going on, we'll just pray that whatever it is can be resolved. We ask that you all do the same!


Kalisa Owens said...

I hear yah...after being diagnosed with cancer, it is so important to feel "normal". I am so glad you all had a chance to take a break from "cancer" this weekend. You deserve it. It sounds like a perfect, good food, football, perhaps even a beer or two!

I will be sending Dan healthy vibes tomorrow for his scans. Smile big & believe you are healthy!!


Anonymous said...

Thoughts and prayers every day Dan - sending some good vibes your way tomorrow

Keep up the good fight - W.W.W.


Anonymous said...

Dan and Meg

It was great to have you with us for the party on Saturday and leftovers on Sunday. Keep moving forward with your long term plans.

I'm going to get Lucy to try swinging the kids golf club set that was left behind by Mike and Nickki's renter. It the real thing. If she has any inclination, I'll try to get Dan involved, although I believe this will initally only entail trips to Monument Park.

I hope your trip for the scan today brings reassuarace. My cough has been building for about 10 days and now Pat has suggested I may need to visit the doctor even though I just had a full physical on September 17. I'll wait some more as this seems similar to a bronchial congestion condition that I had last year. It lasted for at least two months.