Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Scan Day

Today's appointment went ok. The chest CT showed that there's growth - but the changes are small. Given how much we went into deciding Tarceva - I'm still going to stick with Tarceva for a few more weeks. We just want to give it enough time to be effective, plus now I'm taking a reasonable dosage that it will have that chance.

The scan also showed some weird glassy or granular looking layer in my lower right lobe. My doctor isn't in town all week, but the nurse practioner and radiologist thought it looked more like a bacteria infection and not the cancer at all. I'll take an antibiotic for two weeks and hopefully that will do the trick. I'm not too worried as experience has told me over the years that scans and tests will sometimes create a few abnormalities that can't be explained. I just hope this will be the solution to the cough!

Meg and I both feel indifferent about the results. Life with cancer is not a sprint, but a marathon. While we want quick solutions or answers to our problem, we just have to stay the course. As someone that was training for a marathon at diagnosis, I know what it takes and that's to just keep moving...


Kalisa Owens said...

Dan - your outlook on the results of the scan is simply refreshing. You really keep things in perspective and seem to calmly approach every obstacle thrown your way. Rather than being consumed by things you can't control...you focus on beating this disease. I truely admire you and know you will beat this. All the best with every step of your marathon.

hughesd2000 said...

I have been thinking about you guys all day and hoping to get back to the computer to check on the results of the scan. Keep up the positive thinking and we will keep up the healthy thoughts coming your way. Hopefully that antibiotic will take care of the cough and Tarceva can do the rest of the job!! Thinking of you both. Namaste.

Carl said...

You're so right with your comment about the cancer journey being a marathon. Slow and steady wins the race.

Grace and peace.