Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wedding Season

Planning a wedding is definitely overwhelming. There is so much to think about, websites to look out, and styles to glance at. The next two weekends, Meg and I will be off to our friends’ weddings. But on Sunday, we did something surprisingly fun and unexpected, which is probably a good thing. We went to Crate & Barrel to register for OUR wedding. It wasn’t planned on our end, but was definitely planned on Crate & Barrel’s end. Meg was surfing the web during the torrential downpour on Saturday as Tropical Storm Hanna rolled through and saw an ad that the store was closed to the public from 9-11am for wedding registrants. I was dreading the two hours of shopping and even complaining Saturday night and in the car Sunday morning, but I must say Crate & Barrel made the experience easier and better than expected.

First and foremost, there is no way you can pick out your wedding registry items in TWO HOURS! It’s overwhelming. Meg was not prepared like her usual self, thank God, because you literally could spend 2 full days in the 3-level store and still not be finished. Second, I’m shocked by the prices. Who knew a fork (a single fork) cost $10 ($50 for a 5 piece set), a plain old white serving platter……$92. Then there are the “everyday” serving platters (which I happily scanned a rustic wood looking piece) vs. the fancy host platters for parties which Meghan happily beamed the bar code using our handheld device. The good news is that the store provides you with “necessary” items or checklist you need to register for. Notice I put that word in quotations because is it really necessary? Silverware (8-12 pieces) – check. Napkins and linens – check. Wine goblets – check. Everyday drinking glasses – check. (you mean the waeger cup glasses aren’t sufficient?). Serving spoons – check. More white serving platters – check. What about the holidays like Halloween and Christmas platters? Do we need a serving platter for all of them? I quickly realized I was out of my league. I went to every food station setup at Crate & Barrel to pass the time. I added a few “man” items when necessary – like the $150 trashcan and $250 leather bench. We left the store around noon. Disappointed. Exhausted. But happy to worry about something other than cancer.

I must say having cancer and planning a wedding at the same time is very hard for Meg and me. It is tough to be brave amidst the fear and uncertainty. However, when there are unfortunate things happening in your life, there’s nothing better than something good to look forward to. While wedding planning is a source of stress for most couples – if not ALL, it is even more so for us. However, on Sunday, I think we held our own. We kept it together. So for now…

Wedding Planning: 0
Dan & Meg: 1



Ryan Denner said...

Dan - bassam forward me your story! congrats on taking this up. I did 2 fundraisers for the leukemia and lymphoma society over the past few years, and just finished my first Ironman. best of luck on everything!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the wedding planning guys. Its not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Looking back, the anticipation of the "big day" is almost more fun than the day itself. Just remember that all the planning is really about creating a moment/day that expresses your unique love for each other.

Also don't rid your cabinets of those Waeger cups too quickly. They have become a staple in my household since we broken most of the "everyday" glasses we got for our wedding.


sarahmay22 said...

I say yes, you do need a festive platter for all holidays! And Halloween and Christmas are the most fun to decorate for! Ha.

I love reading your blog and looking at your photos. Meg-- you look beautiful in the pic from the wedding in CO! I am forever amazed at how positive you both remain. It gives the rest of us the strength to push through the silly things that get us down. You are so lucky to have each other. xoxo!


Cindy said...

You better save me some Waeger Cup Pint glasses, I still haven't gotten mine. Don't forget about your long lost sister in Hawaii.


erin cullison said...

There's nothing wrong with the waeger pint glasses...they're the finest thing I have in my kitchen!

erin cullison said...

There's nothing wrong with the waeger pint glasses...they're the finest thing I have in my kitchen!