Monday, July 7, 2008

Attitude is Everything

This phrase is what first comes to my mind as we begin and prepare for what lies ahead. Over the past week, many of you have expressed your heart-felt concern and desire to be updated regularly so I think this blog will be a great communication vehicle. It will not only allow us to keep you updated, but also allow you to express your own attitudes, concerns, and thoughts.

First and foremost, I can’t thank all of you enough for the emails, calls, or texts over the past few days. It means a lot and honestly helps a lot, too. Your words of encouragement were also a good reminder and kick in the butt to remain positive and focused. I chose “attitude is everything” as my first topic for the blog, because I truly believe it, but it took your collective comments to remind me. Last week’s news was discouraging, but with Meghan, my family, friends, and co-workers reminding me that it will be just a bump in the road then that’s what it will be. It is statistically proven that a positive attitude and strong support system will increase one’s chances of survival and improve their overall health. I know I need a team of supporters and there is no doubt that we will beat this together.

While I appreciate all the comments over the past week, if I had to pick a winner it was one in a text message that said, “I haven’t worn this bracelet for three years to see anything but a win.” In my opinion, that sums everything up and I can’t really say much more other than thank you and I'll deliver the win! So be sure to write your comments and enjoy the blog!


Meg Rodgers said...

Great post babe! I love you!

Theresa Cullen Hill said...

We are thinking of you both and will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Theresa, Marcus, Thomas and Eloise

Kalisa Owens said...

I am like Meghan...I am a weeper! I had a few good tears reading your posts and I can see more clearly now. You are an inspiration...know that you have a strong fan base out in Seattle. We are rooting for you both! Love and prayers!!


Anonymous said...

The blog is great!! We are all sending our positive thoughts and prayers from Rhode Island!! How do I go about getting a bracelet???

Dana, Bob and family

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is really impressive! You can tell you guys spent alot of time getting this up and running. Thinking positive for you both and what a great pic of you guys! You're in my prayers.


Mo Murphy said...

I am a friend of Kalisa Burkey Owens and she shared your blog with me. I am praying for your strength and endurance during this difficult time. I hope that you both feel and experience deep love and support from your community of friends and family. Keep fighting with hope and courage!
Blessings to you,
Mo Murphy
Atlanta, GA

Jennifer said...

Dan, while I don't know you yet, I know Meg well (a little too well from business school, but that's a whole other conversation :)), and I am so happy to see you both supporting and loving each other as you do. I will be rooting for you from SF! And, of course, waiting for the visit that Meg has been promising...:) Love, Jen Aleman

Anonymous said...

Goes without saying that my positive thoughts, prayers and hopes are with you both. I know that waiting game all too well and the rotten 3 AM thoughts that sometimes come with it. I also believe, in my heart, that Waeger WILL win and that Bella, Barklay and, most importantly, our “shared” August 11 niece or nephew will have many years to enjoy his (or her) Uncle Dan’s company!

Keep the faith, lots of folks are keeping it with you!!

Love you both.

Rose, Steve, Arianna, Jessica, Taylor, Carly and Buddy, Roxie (in case dogs pray) and Spike, Tigger, Yoda and Cassie (in case cats pray too)

Steve Aaron said...

David Weatherford once said, "When faced with a challenge, look for a way, not a way out." Pretty clear to me that David would have been very impressed with your force of life, one that I believe will have you answering our blogs and enjoying your life for many many years to follow.

Go Danny.

Steve and Rose Aaron

C Persak said...

DW - you know that my family and my prayers have not stopped since you began your fight. You are like a brother to me (and my family) and have truly been inspiration to us all as you continue your "attitude is everything" march towards winning this battle. You know we won't accpet anything but victory and I look forward to being there the day when you triumph.


Kris Lowther said...

Danny...Anne told me about the new developments this past weekend...just know that you are in my thoughts and prayers every day and even young Nicholas said a special prayer at bedtime for you tonite. YOU WILL WIN...and we're all behind you 100%!! Stay strong...much love...

Jillian Tymchy said...

hey dan i haven't talked to you in forever but i saw your facebook update about the blog. i haven't worn your bracelet in a while (yea you called me out the last time i saw you). I did however have it hanging on my wall but now that you are going into a little overtime i got it back on to cheer for a win! congrats on your engagement and let me know next time you guys are in bmore!

Brian said...

I was forwarded your blog from a great friend of mine Matt Kane and wanted to thank you for letting us all into your life. It's weird cause growing up I never heard of cancer but now it unfortunately seems more common then the cold. People beat this thing every day and I offer my support and prayers to you and your family. Attitude is everything and fortunately its a choice. You are making a great choice to not let this get the best of you.

Brian Pedrazzani

megan beauduy said...

since i've known you (which is now a pretty long time), there hasn't been a time where you didn't exude a love of life. i remember when i got the original call from katie and how devasting it was but how the next time i saw you, you were just you. your attitude has always been everything and i know that it will continue to pull you through these bumpy times. the support and love we all have for you is so apparent. you are always in my prayers.
- booty (aka megan for the rest of the world)

Anonymous said...


I'm always amazed at the amount of poise and eloquence with which you've approached these past three years. You’re an inspiration to everyone and I'm glad to see that your attitude has not wavered. Stay positive and know that you’re in all our thoughts and prayers. I'll be in touch soon.


Stacia said...

Thinking of you all the time and channeling all the positive energy I can your way. Stay strong, as I know you will!

Betty Owings said...

Danny, Your Mother sent me this link to your wonderful blog. Great idea! I have been praying for you since graduation time and I know you ARE a WINNER! And your attitude IS exceptional. I will continue to keep you BOTH in my prayers, and your Mother too!


Julie said...

Dan - Just wanted to let you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers always. Your fight is an inspiration to all of us. If you need anything at all, please let us know. We hope to see you and Meghan soon. W.W.W.!!

Julie and Rusty

monster said...

Thanks for setting this up and giving everyone a place to share their thoughts. I do hope you post often with medical updates and with personal thoughts, feelings, etc. And, just what you're doing. Although you have cancer, cancer doesn't have you -- you still live life to the fullest and shouldn't stop doing so. Dan, let me and the little Monster know whenever you need some distraction or fun or a meal. Others have said it, but it's worth saying again -- Carpe Diem!!

- Holly

Wojo said...

Wow. That's honestly the best word I can use right now after seeing this blog, reading these posts, and trying to describe my emotions right now. Dan - I know that the word has been and will continue to be used on here rather frequently, but you truly are an inspiration. Your attitude really has set the tone and for alot of us, has helped us be there for you in whatever way we can. You know me and my competitiveness so I'm right there with you until victory buddy! Meg - It was great to get to talk to you more at the hospital and see firsthand what a positive and caring demeanor you have. You guys are an amazing couple.
See you both soon!

Dr. Christine said...

Dan and Meg you are both obviously mature persons for your age--at least partly, I suspect, from what you have had to walk through in the past three years. Knowing that we are all interconnected, I send you love's healing light, peace, and strength. May I offer that this is NOT a time of waiting; it is a time for taking fortification steps that will serve you well as you go through additional treatment. The scientifically documented effectiveness of guided visualization, in which you positively see your liver, lungs,etc. all healed, whole, and healthy in the PRESENT creates almost magical biochemical changes in your body chemistries and immune system functioning. It doesn't particularly matter how you do it as long as you actually sensorily FEEL yourself healthy and whole. Then listen to your intuition and trust it's guidance as to how to think about this time (what is there here to learn that serves your soul's evolution) and what actions to take/not take. You are much more powerful than you may realize, and nothing is more important to your well being than your actual feelings. Music that makes you feel happy and visualizing white light cascading through your body, cleansing every cell and filling it with divine energy is also very helpful. Do whatever brings you peace and happiness, and let go of all the rest. Namaste.

Anonymous said...

I am not good with words, but will do my best. You are an inspiration and your spirit and strength inspire all of us. We're thinking of you and Meg and know that we are praying for you and your VICTORY! This blog was an excellent idea, made me cry, but I think it is a great resource for all of us, and we appreciate you posting and keeping us all informed! Mrs. Geraci sends her love as well and her prayers. WAEGER WILL WIN! Let us know if there is anything we can do!
Love and prayers,
Karin Geraci, Lee and Rita