Monday, July 21, 2008

Taking it to the Streets

Thanks to Devon from the Lance Armstrong Foundation for remembering Dan this weekend during the Iron Girl in Irving, TX!!!!


Brooke said...

GO DEVON! YAY to Devon and Dan - what a great inspiration both of you are (especially to those of us who are athletically challenged!).

Marie said...

What an honor Devon! Althouigh I have never met you, I send my thanks and appreciation for your courage and strength. Dan and Meghan, I send my love, and hope you had a great weekend relaxing and doing normal stuff. It's clear to me from reading your blog that you have taken charge and are working with a wonderful medical team. Your recognition of the need for balance is one of the keys to healing. I know its not easy to find balance when there is an elephant on one end of the scale, but with all of us on your end, the balance can and will be found.
Blessings, hope and love,
Marie C. aka TWSM