Thursday, July 10, 2008

Softball is the Best Medicine

I went 2-2 on Tuesday night with a double and single down the left field line. My performance was inconsequential because playing softball each week really is the best medicine right now and offers me an invaluable break. For those of us in this fight, we think about cancer every day. Some days get more attention than others and unfortunately, the past two weeks have garnered a lot of attention and energy. Playing softball, however, grants me an hour or two during the work week where I don’t have to think about cancer or anything cancer related.

My team is awesome and I’ve already established great friendships. The wonderful thing about playing softball is that I stumbled onto the team through one of Meghan’s friends. They know nothing about me or the situation. Hanging out with them provides me with a gift and freedom that can’t be described. To them, I’m just softball Dan who runs slow around the bases and nothing else.

I must admit, I am a little slower these days (and I can’t wait for my buddies to comment saying I’ve always been slow). I’m sure half of it is due to my old age of 26, but I’m sure half of it is due to the cancer. I don’t necessarily mean the cancer itself, but I’ll admit that I’ve lost a bit of lung capacity from all the treatments and radiation over the past 3 years. Anyways, I’m wondering what my teammates will think if they knew. I’m sure they will apologize for calling me slow, but they have no idea the gift they have given me over the past 5-6 weeks.

In a comment, my sister wrote, “Although you have cancer, cancer doesn't have you -- you still live life to the fullest and shouldn't stop doing so.” I couldn’t agree more…

P.S. Check out NBC at 8pm tonight and watch “The Greatest American Dog.” I would also like to give a shout out to my sister’s dog Chaucer who is not just an 80 lb boxer but also a 2 yr cancer survivor. After we find a the answer to lung cancer, I think dogs should be next on the list.

-Cesar Waeger


Anonymous said...

Hi Dan Waeger

It was so great to talk with you today!

Thank you for telling me about your blog - I will be sure to keep up with you through the blog and not drive you to drink - oh, I forgot - it is O'Waeger - go ahead and drink!

I hope you know how much we all love you here in Indy.

Stay strong, brother.


hughesd2000 said...

Wow! I am reading all the comments to your posts and I can visualize all these interlocking fingers from hands all around the world brought together through different times and events in your life as well as Meg's and I just can't help but feel full joy and happiness that you have this type of support system that will be there to catch you and bounce you back up when you need us. That was one long run-on sentence. But seriously it is truly amazing. I look forward to your posts as it has helped me to reach out to all those in my life who are also living with cancer and to not feel awkward or clumsy in doing so!!Thank you!


Cara Murren said...


It broke my heart to read your email today. You've never left my thoughts and prayers, but I guess it's time now to ramp it up again.

Oddly (as it usually happens) I was at a Nats game with Shana Gabler on Tuesday night and you came up in conversation. We were both just saying how we'd lost touch with you and she had heard you'd moved... Timing isn't always chance is it?

Congratulations on all of the other amazing things happening in your life though...what an exciting time!

Stay focused on the good, and we will too.


Sergio said...

Waegs -

I've never considered you the most fleet of foot nor the most nimble (I recall a VERY slow roller going between your wickets as the hockey goalie, prompting you to become the full time coach) but its good to hear you have found an escape from every day life even for that brief moment when you can just be Dan - thats still who you are to all of us. We all need that escape from our daily grinds. Whenever you want it - just give me a call kid. Thoughts and prayers every day brother. The blog is a great idea - it must have come from Meghan.

"Victory belongs to the most persevering."

No doubt my friend -


LFord said...

You guys are AWESOME. "Once you choose hope, anything's possible." Much love and support always!!