Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dan on Podcast

Hi everyone-

I just wanted to post a link to a LIVESTRONG podcast Dan was a part of for the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF). Dan speaks at the beginning and end of the last podcast on the page under "Work".

I am also posting a link to the LAF blog which has a lot of great reads on what is going on in the cancer community. There is a great article posted on Ted Kennedy's recent surgery and his ability to leverage so many great doctors. While we don't have the status of Senator Kennedy, his tenacity & own self-advocacy remind me of Dan. Interestingly enough, Senator Kennedy's daughter is a 5 year lung cancer survivor.

Here is the blog- second article


Anonymous said...

Yes, I look like a dork on that podcast....when do I get a turn to post some embarrassing pics of Meg?

Cicily said...

Dan, U sure do not look like any dork. I am impressed with how well spoken you are. atrice is right - you might have a bright future as a reporter or motivational speaker. Whatever you do, I love you always. MOM