Saturday, July 12, 2008

Have a Good Weekend!

We're off to the beach (Meg) & Philly (Dan).

Thanks for all of your notes & comments. Keep 'em coming! They mean a lot!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe the courage you demonstrate everyday as you battle this disease. You've come a long way from the mop-topped kid I remember when I was at T-High with Cindy!
I am happy to say that I still wear my WWW band and continue to spread the word to random TSA agents and people who sit down on the stool next to me at various airport bars. My son is growing into the little one you sent me and every now then he likes to wear his green bracelet like Daddy. As he gets older I can't wait to tell him about the "Man Behind The Bracelet."
You may be too slow to play Major League Baseball so we'll never see you on Sportscenter but you are a much better role model than any professional athlete. I wish I had kept in touch so I could say I knew you better, but I am proud to say I know you at all! Keep fighting - someday I want to buy a bracelet that says "Waeger Won"


If you come out West let me know, we can play 18... 36... 54... (for medicinal purposes of course!)

Anonymous said...

you guys just look so happy together... you would never know what you're going through! I'm so happy to hear that you're having a nice weekend away at the beach to have some fun and relax. I just had to check to see how you both were doing. I saw how many comments have been posted, you have such an amazing support group rooting for you! Meg, I just drove by 1206 Roscoe the other day and thought how much our lives have changed since. I'm so happy you've found Dan who makes you so happy. I think of you both every day and am rooting for you! - Katie

Anonymous said...

Dear Dan and Meghan,

I send to both of you my prayers and best wishes for a successful treatment program. Continue with your positive attitude, and
As you know, I have also had to deal with a cancer condition, for more than 20 years; but I feel very fortunate to have had on my side the expertise of a wonderful medical team
(also at Hopkins) and from the beginning, the encouragement of family and friends.
I know that you also have the strong support of your doctors and your family and friends; with their help, I know you will meet this challenge. If John and I can assist you in any way, you have only to ask.



SarahHud said...

Dan and Meghan,
Alden sent me your blog and I am so thankful that he did. I am amazed by your strength and will be sure to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. My Mom is a 4 year cancer survivor and when she was diagnosed my Dad reminded me there were 4 things that we needed. Love, Hope, Prayer and a Positive Attitude. L.H.P.P. It seems to me you both encompass all of these things and much more. I know you will beat this disease once again. Much Love and God Bless!

Heather (Waeger) Allen said...

It's good to see that with everything going on in our lives some things don't change. I'm pretty sure that I have a picture of you when we were little by the pool and you have on sunglasses that were too big for you then as well. All of us here in MA have you in our thoughts and prayers and make sure you keep in touch! We look forward to meeting our newest cousin Meg and I'll be sending you pictures of your newest cousin some time after the 7th!!

Anonymous said...

Danny, it was great to see you at your neic e's baptism yesterday. Glad u can find times to enjoy people and life without worrying about the Big C. The blog comments are very touching. The firsdt few days I cried every time I logged on to read them. Am more calm today. I am amazed at the love and support of so many friends and relatives and people who support you with their love and prayers. Healing is yours. CLAIM IT. Much love, mom

Haley said...


I just wanted to let you know that we (LAF) are thinking of you right now.


Karen said...

Dan & Meg,
Holly's friends from DC are wishing you well!


Shawn & Langley Tribe said...

Hey Dan: You and Meghan look so happy in the photo. Just wanted to tell you that you have a little Tribe down here in Ecuador, thinking about you and sending prayers. Keep your courage and take all the good vibes folks all over the globe are sending you.

Doug said...


Everyone at the LAF is thinking of you my friend. Your updates are awesome and we are all inspired.

We stand ready to help in any possible way.



Anonymous said...

Dear Dan & Meghan,

You are two of the most loved people I have ever read about. I am a very good friend of Judy & John's, and I've been to the (your parents Meghan) Rogers' St. Patrick's Day celebration for many years. You were always missed because it was your birthday and you were usually at school, but they always managed to get you on the phone to sing "Happy Birthday." It was a must.

Thank you for allowing a semi-stranger to experience this fight that you both, Dan and Meghan, have set upon. I am a permanent supporter, so if you need anything....

I deeply admire the courage you both have shown in this extremely difficult time. I am also happy to see you can take the time and go do the everyday things; like the beach; a baptism; a cookout; a movie; and just hanging in your jammies on a Sunday morning. Keep doing it.

Those are all the important things you both need to share. You'll have many more special things to share, and you have the best support system I have ever seen to help get you through the tough times, but also through the good times.

God bless you both, and know, without a doubt, that you are very loved by your family, friends, co-workers, and very special supporters.

Dan and Meghan, enjoy this summer of love and many more and know you are in so very many prayers.

Dan, DO WIN!

Pat Lynch

Michele said...

Dan and Meg --

I'm a friend of Holly's, so Dan, I've been following your story for some time now. I've always been awed and inspired by your energy and enthusiasm, and continue to be by your positive attitude -- it ABSOLUTELY makes a difference. Thinking of you, and wishing you a healing summer ahead.

--Michele Mariani Vaughn

Brooke said...

Hi Dan (& Meg - I'm sorry we've never met),

I was just thinking the other day how my cancer survivorship really ebbs and flows with my diagnoses and with how close or far away I am from a diagnosis. I hope that since I've been feeling far away from my last issue lately that means I'll have more support to throw your way - the way of those who are slogging through a recent batch of "news."

I'm sorry to hear about your most recent news, but it's clear that you and Meg are continuing to live life as normally as possible when you're also thinking about cancer most of the time. Congratulations to you both for managing to have ANY sort of normal right now!

And the words of wisdom from Meg - "The only wrong thing to say is nothing at all" will stay with me forever.

Let me know anytime you want to drag Anne to a happy hour - we're always up for that!

NCI Brooke