Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Tomorrow morning we will be getting up bright & early to leave for Columbus, OH. We're attending the 2nd annual LIVESTRONG summit. The summit will bring together 1,000 current and potential leaders who care about cancer issues & are willing the champion the cause in their communities. Just a bunch of regular, everyday folk who want to do something about cancer.

We applied months ago (me about 3 months before Dan!), and I've been looking forward to this for awhile. Nothing like messages of empowerment & survivorship to get the energy flowing. Plus, I like road trips, and Ohio is like home for me since I spent four glorious years at Miami U in tiny Oxford, OH.

We're bringing the computer, so we'll post updates on-the-go. How hi-tech!


Cicily said...

Please have a very safe trip cause I love you both and care about safety. Are u going by plane or car? Hope u both get renewed with lots of enocouraging stories. Love, mom

hughesd2000 said...

Have a great trip. Stop by the old stomping grounds if you get a chance and have Bagel and Deli for old times sake. Enjoy the ride out to Ohio, sometimes getting there is the most fun!


KKerrigan said...

So sorry to have just learned your news. Will be saying lots of prayers for you both. Enjoy the trip and I hope you reap lots of rewards. Love, Aunt Kitty