Monday, July 14, 2008

The Mental Game

As we move closer to meeting with the doctors, it's time to start listing all of the hard questions and trying to figure out how we'll actually answer them. The one thing for sure is that there probably won't be a consensus. Who gets the biggest vote? If it's not clear-cut, what will push us one way or the other? I imagine it will be part science, part leap of faith.

We've been in somewhat of a bubble the past couple of weeks. It's been awhile since Dan's last treatment, so the "normal" three week cycle has given way to what some days seems like a life without cancer, at least in the physical sense. Dan feels great, so it's really hard to imagine that the cancer is in there somewhere... that sneaky little sucker.

Mentally, cancer has never loomed larger for me, and has never been so all-consuming. Despite a firm belief in Dan, it is hard not to have a heavy heart. I want to solve this problem so badly, yet am powerless to do so. I know many people reading this feel the same. Yet it's the willingness of so many people who have reached out to us with nothing more than words of hope, many of whom we've never met, that is creating a soft spot to land as we bounce from emotion to emotion. I am in total awe of the generosity and empathy people have shown us.


Lisa Auslander said...

Dan & Meg-- You guys are such an inspiring couple. Dan, I'm sending you all the positive thoughts I can from across the desk!
:) Lisa

Mary Alice said...

I was just directed to your website by my son who is a friend of Holly's. I am an oncology nurse at a Philadelphia cancer hospital. It sounds like you are getting the best medical care from a major medical center where they have the expertise to treat young people with cancer. Your foundation is terrific. I will keep it in mind for some of my patients. My prayers are with you for a definitive response to chemo!

Michael Bergin said...

Dan and Meg -

You both continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. The strength and courage you have displayed has been inspiring to all of us. Jeanne, Nathan and Grace join me in sending our best wishes from CT.

Peace and love,

Karen said...

I just learned of your blog through Anne. Dan, you are such a rock star! I love your attitude. Thanks for inspiring others each and every day!
Thinking of you!
Karen Parker

Lindsay Waeger said...
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Lindsay Waeger said...

Danny & Meg-

Bobby and I love you very much and are here to support you
110%. You are such an inspiration to us, and we love you very much. Can't wait to see you both next weekend!

With lots of love,
Bobby and Lindsay
Waeger will win!!!!!!

Eric Allen said...

I just found the blog looking for the dates of the golf tournament and a wedding and I read the news since the last time we talked (you had just gotten engaged). I need to do a better job keeping in touch with you guys. I know this is a very trying time for you because you have so many great things going in your life, you don't have time for cancer. I know you are faced with some very tough decisions but take your doctors advice and use your best judgement. You are a very strong willed and inspiring young man. As always, if there is anything I can do for you, please let me know.

Eric Allen

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