Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Treatment Update

Just a quick note to let you know that Dan is scheduled to have a biopsy on Friday morning. This test will help us gather genetic information that may be helpful in determining which treatment course to take. Dan will have preliminary bloodwork before a sonogram. The sonogram is used to see whether the spot on his liver is large enough & in the right place to allow for a needle biopsy. If they can pinpoint the spot, they will numb the area and use a needle to remove a part of the tumor. From what Dan tells me, it should be pretty simple with no real downside & we can be out on the town that night. It will then take about seven days for the genetic testing.

It sounds odd, but we need your prayers & positive thoughts that the radiologists will be able to see the spot & that it is in a place where the tumor can be accessed for biopsy. In other words, just because a biopsy is in order doesn't mean that we may be able to get one.

We are very interested in having the biopsy to get more genetic information to 1) hopefully provide some greater clarity on the current treatment course & 2) to have the information in our back pocket should we need it later on down the line. As Dan wrote in his earlier post, new tests are available every day. What wasn't available 2 years ago for lung cancer patients can now help guide treatment and (hopefully) prevent survivors from having to endure multiple types of treatments before hitting on one that works. So while we have recommendations on treatment, the biopsy would just give us the extra insight.

One of our goals with the blog (in addition to letting you into our fascinating life) is to educate family, friends & others about cancer. So we welcome any questions you have, and if you post them in the comments, we'll discuss. We ourselves have a hard time understanding what is going on & what they doctors' are talking about, so we imagine others must as well.

If you'd like to come sit with us on Friday morning, we would love to see you. Email Dan or I and we can give you the information.

PS- We will continue to write about the Summit, so there should be some good posts this week!


Anonymous said...

My thoughts will be with you Friday in hopes a biopsy can be performed. Your attitude towards all of this is admirable and something everyone should asprire to follow.

devon said...

I'm sending lots of good ultrasound thoughts your way. Also, if you have any questions about ultrasounds feel free to ask- that is what i did when i worked at Sloan-Kettering.

hughesd2000 said...

We will be thinking of you guys on Friday (and always) that you are able to get the biopsy accomplished and you get the information you need from it to guide your treatment... The whole Haxton clan is sporting the green Weager Will Win bracelets so I hope they send extra positive energy your way!!!

Suzpotts said...

I'll think good biopsy/ultrasound results for you and will keep you in my prayers. It was great to meet you in Columbus and please know that all of us at LAF are in your corner!

Lisa Auslander said...

Meg, nice job on Dan's pants. He's looking mighty stylish today!
My thoughts will be with you on Friday! -Lisa

Lizzy Lou said...

Hi Dan and Meghan,

My thoughts are with you both today, all fingers and toes crossed! Your blog is a beautiful testament to your positive attitude, combative spirit and commitment to one another. Thank you for sharing it.

Best wishes and positive thoughts,

Liz Kinne (a friend of E.J. and Holly)

Anonymous said...


I got your post on my blog and I would love to tee it up with you. I am also interested in your genetic testing since I just went down to MD Anderson and did the same thing. I enrolled in a study looking at genetic markers for LC.

It sounds as if our paths are fairly similar and would love to talk to another stage IV LC patient who is younger. Of course, since I turn 40 in November you may not consider me young!

my email address is atkinson_5@yahoo.com

Keep the Faith,

John Atkinson
Lung Cancer Survivor