Friday, July 18, 2008

Long Week=Much Needed Weekend

We're at the end of another week. I think the emotional toll is starting to translate into physical exhaustion. All of this heavy thinking is tiring us out! Plus, we haven't stopped moving these past fews weeks and have probably taken on more trying to fit things in before treatments start. The world doesn't stop moving just because you get bad news- there is still work to do, friends to visit & golf to play. But I think we need a little more balance!

I'm really looking forward to this weekend and re-charging the batteries. First off- I need sleep! I've been waking up super early these days thinking about work (some things never change). We're going to take some time to build up our reserves, which means eat a little better & get some exercise & veg a little on the couch. And we'll also do some our favorite things. Sunday Dan is golfing with his friends, and I am going to spend some time with my family. I have two adorable nieces who always brighten my world and visiting with them will always make me laugh.

So hopefully just a lot of "normal" this weekend, which we deserve!!!! We had dinner with friends last night, and it was just what we needed. No cancer talk, and a few hours to enjoy the break. A great way to kick-off the weekend.

Thank you for all the positive feedback on our blog. We've had about 100 visits per day so far, so even when you don't comment, we know you're coming back.

It's only by believing, hoping, loving & living that we're finding joy during this anxious time.

Here's wishing you a joyous weekend!


Allison in NY said...

Judy forwarded me your blog info. I've been visiting you guys everyday. I hope you have a nice relaxing weekend. It's a better life when you can really find joy in the little things.

You are in our thoughts and prayers here in NY!

Margot said...

Hi Dan and Meghan - I hope you don't mind a post from a total stranger. I'm a 17 year bone cancer survivor and Children's Cause board member (that is how I learned of your blog and current fight). I know all too well of the waiting, tears (I am a weeper too!), anxiety and fatigue you are experiencing. As you grieve the loss of a "normal" life together I am amazed by your strength and attitude!

Thank you for sharing your very personal feelings with not only your family but others who might be experiencing a similar situation alone.

I am sending you only positive thoughts from out here in Montana! Enjoy your weekend!

- Margot O'Leary

Anonymous said...

A relaxing weekend is the best thing I can think of, and to spend it with Lucy and Katti will be so much fun.

Keep up the your positive strong attitude.

Love you both,